3 Gifts Most New Moms Wish for on Baby Showers

Baby shower party is a time for the new parents to celebrate and welcome the new member of the family. It is also a time for family and friends to celebrate with them. Although Baby Hamper Singapore and any other baby gifts are not really required, most moms still wish for specific Baby Gifts Singapore on this special day. If you can’t figure out what baby shower gifts Singapore to buy and give on this special day, these 3 gifts that most moms wish for on baby showers may give you an idea:

  1. Gift Certificates/ Coupons/Paid Vouchers

Many moms prefer to have gift certificates or coupons or paid vouchers that they can use to buy and shop for the baby’s essential items. Although many friends and family are expected to bring different baby items, having some gift certificates on hand will allow them to shop for specific items they want for their new baby. If you will give these gifts as your baby first month gift, you do not need to worry of shopping for the right baby items. Shopping will be done by the parents.

  1. Frozen pre-cooked meals

Most moms wish to receive a set of frozen pre-cooked meals on baby shower party. This is because they do not have much time to prepare for their meal as they give full time and attention to the baby. With some frozen pre-cooked meal, they will just have to choose one to thaw and heat for lunch or snack time. Sending or giving her a baby gift set of frozen meals is a way of taking care of both the mommy and the baby.  Choose meals that are healthful and nutritious, especially to the breastfeeding moms.

  1. Helping Hands

Not all gifts can be bought from the baby gift shops. Most moms also wish for some helping hands, especially if this is the first time she nurses a baby. For your baby shower gift to a dear friend who is nursing a baby, why not give her some helping hands by doing some of her household chores for a day. You may also want to spend a night at their house to take care of the baby so she can have complete rest throughout the night.

The Baby Hamper Singapore and these gifts above are a great option. With these three ideas for baby shower gifts, you will make your friend happy.

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