3 Unique Flower Arrangements for Wedding Car Decorations

With the right choice of flowers and flower arrangements, you can make a fashion statement as you arrive at the wedding venue. The Flower Delivery Singapore is a great solution to make your wedding car more stylish and unique. The Florist Singapore has exceptional flower arrangements fit for the event to bring you in and out of the wedding venue in a well-decorated wedding or bridal car. Consider these 3 unique flower arrangements for your wedding cars:

  1. Colorful Wedding Flowers attached at the bumper and trunk

Get the attention of the guests and sponsors with your chic wedding car decorated with colorful flowers. You can complement your bridal car with a beautiful flower arrangement you personally made using colorful blooms. The florist in Singapore can also do the job for you. They have the best ideas when it comes to the best and fabulous flower arrangements for wedding cars.

  1. Rustic Flowers at the Car Bonnet

A rustic design of wedding flowers is great for the decoration of the bridal car because of the hard stems and durable leaves and blooms. The foliage of Monstera leaf and Ruscus leaf are both a perfect match to the design. Most wedding florists in Singapore prefer to use them not only on the wedding cars but also on the reception venues because they are beautiful and they tend to last longer. These leaves make a perfect combination to some wild flowers and Roses. In Singapore, Roses are just great to last and endure the tropical weather, and they give that specific rustic design.

  1. Flowing Garlands of Artificial flowers

The flower shop Singapore also has different designs and colors of artificial flowers that are best for wedding car decorations. There are flowers made from silk or paper. The online florist Singapore is sure to have plenty of decorating ideas using these materials. Let them know how you want your flowing garlands to appear on the wedding cars on your big day. You can match the colors of the flowers to your wedding theme or wedding motif.

A wedding car or bridal car that is well decorated is a simple statement of your style and fashion. Moreover, they are also a gift you can give yourself on your wedding day. These unique wedding car decorations are completed with a touch of creativity using the Flower Delivery Singapore and the real beauty of flowers, artificial or fresh ones.

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