8 Biggest Mistakes You’re Making When You Eat Chocolate

Are there any specific rules for eating chocolate?

When people received a delicious chocolate hamper from an expert gift flower delivery, he or she may think indulging in a rich, piece of chocolate is as simple as slipping it into your mouth and letting the pure and fresh sweet cocoa flavor melt on your tongue…but devouring chocolate comes with a lot of certain unwritten rules.

Chocolate is a very interesting snack that attracts most people because of its great taste. Although chocolate has a lot more advantage and the reason why it’s necessary for consumption but people sometimes try to overtake it and thereby causing a lot of damages to the health.

Eating chocolate with a lot of cocoa ingredients is more likely safe for most people. Cocoa contains caffeine and some other related chemicals. Eating large amounts might cause caffeine-related side effects like being nervous, increase your level of urination, sleeplessness and restlessness, and a fast heartbeat.

Some of the following can be considered as some of the reason why it’s a huge mistake if you are consuming chocolate regularly

  1. Not choosing raw.

Chocolate is best when taking raw, without having to go through any other refining process. and that way it helps maintain the nutrients and keep the flavor intact to give you the best feeling when you eat it. Raw and high cocoa content chocolate is richer in nutrient and is a good source of magnesium. Chocolates especially the dark once are loaded with antioxidants and minerals like magnesium and iron. But the raw chocolate has even more. This is because the cocoa beans used in making raw chocolate are dried at a lower temperature, which helps them retain more nutrients and antioxidants,

  1. Ignoring its energy-boosting properties

The choice of chocolate people prefer is another point to why it’s a mistake consuming chocolate. Depending on their body structure, a lot of consumers prefers the dark chocolates to the milky once simply because of the elements of calories in it. But most forget that Chocolates contain phenols and other antioxidants that is capable of keeping the heart and brain health. The darker the chocolate the more nutrients, caffeine, and theobromine you will get. Hence, Chocolate is considered an energy food, therefore, it’s really upon Chocolate Quality. But people make a different choice and go for the one with more sugar and milk which by far has a lot more side effects compared to the dark chocolates.

  1. Assuming that dark means dairy-free

Consumers need to be educated about a lot of things they consume and chocolate is not an exception, they most times follow what the label on the product says and because they feel it is what they want, they will hence indulge. Do people look for the type of chocolate that doesn’t contain any element of milk? Why? Because they see “dark” on the container and label shows it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in the clear. Milk is allowed in dark chocolate—and most times even shows up via cross-contamination when it’s not listed on the label. One recent FDA research of nearly 100 dark chocolate bars found out that 57 contained traces and element of dairy—including 25% of bars that claimed to be vegan and 33% of bars that had no recipe of milk on the label or on the ingredients list. Hence, it simply proves that the recipe most times is not always correct.

  1. Using cocoa powder just for hot chocolate

Most consumers prefer the creamy, cold-weather drink and it’s just the tip of the culinary iceberg. Whisk unsweetened dark cocoa powder with melted coconut oil as a recipe for making the chocolate sauce, with melted cocoa butter to make homemade chocolates, or toss it in the food processor and frozen bananas to make a chocolate soft serve, this process helps preserve a lot and keep you healthy even after excessive consumption of chocolate.

  1. Always going sweet

Without any form of contradiction, desserts take all the glory. But using cocoa powder in savory dishes adds a lot of extra layer of earthy richness, and allows you to load up on all of chocolate’s good-for-you without a side of sugar. Trying to add unsweetened dark cocoa powder to chili or barbecue sauce, adding it to pan sauces to meat, game, or combining it with earthy spices like chili powder in a spice rub.

  1. Eating just chocolate

Chocolates are majorly high in sugar. Without sugar, it would taste too bitter for most people to consume and swallow. With the level and high amount of sugar in your diet can lead to dental problems such as gum disease and cavities. It is advisable to suck on the chocolate bar rather than chewing to avoid tooth decay. Aside from the problems associated with the teeth, it also increases your chances of diabetes. Furthermore, it’s advisable to supplement the snack with fruits and vegetable.

  1. You’re washing it down too fast

The joy and pleasure in eating chocolate are basically because of the great taste, and what is the taste if you don’t feel it for long before it disappears. A lot of chocolate consumers are guilty of drinking water immediately after consuming chocolates. The snack will be more interesting if you don’t drink anything immediately after doing the above six things with chocolate! Hence, you will have no way to know if the chocolate has got “a ‘long finish.’ It is simply a flavor that lasts for a long time in your mouth.” That is all to say if you are chugging water after the consumption of chocolate, you will be cutting a good few minutes off from your chocolate enjoyment time.

  1. chewing it

Specialists have made it known that chocolates are not meant to be chewed. The proper way to eat it is by pressing it against the roof of your mouth, suck it, and then let it melt there for about as long as you want and can stand it. Not only can that make the whole experience of consuming the chocolate last longer, but it will also help you appreciate and enjoy all the usually hidden complexities of what you are eating.

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