8 Creative Wedding Car Decorations That Will Have Your reaching for the tin cans

There are endless possibilities when decorating a wedding car. You can do it yourself, put a personal touch to it or have someone make it elegant and classy. You can do almost anything with a wedding car as long as it is perfect for the occasion or something sentimental. If you want something memorable, or something that the guest would actually want to get their hands on and not engage a wedding florist, there are many ways to do that. From personalized messages to pictures, you can do just about anything with the tin cans that will surely catch everyone’s eye.

Here are some ideas that are simple and fun to do to decorate your tin cans for the wedding car that will surely have everyone looking at it makes a jingle down the road as you drive by:

  1. Spray Paint – This is something that is fun to do, and you could paint it in different colors or by a theme. Themes like pastel colors, the favorite colors of the bride and groom or a rainbow. The way you paint the tin cans are all on you. It would depend mostly on what you want the bride and groom to feel or what they want to represent. A sweet and elegant way would be pastel colors, a vibrant and colorful way would be bright and heavy colors. You can mix and match and play with the colors if you want, just make sure you do not go overboard with decorating.

  1. Flowers – These tin cans can definitely act as vases for flowers. You can have a beautiful and simple flower arrangement in the tin cans and make sure they would stick to the cans as the car drives away. Of course, this creates a sweet atmosphere and people would definitely want to grab hold of one flower arrangement as it could be something they can keep as a memory if they do not get the bridal bouquet. Of course, this type of decorating is perfect for a flower themed wedding.

  1. Letters – A classic way to decorate the wedding cans would be to arrange them and place letters on them that would spell out “Just Married”. This is a classic way of telling the world you are married as the tin cans create a noise that would have everyone turn to the direction and read the message. This has been used in weddings for generations now and still remains to be wanted and sought for the type of wedding car decoration.

  1. Personal Messages – If you want something sentimental, you can have the family, friends and guests of the bride and groom to write a personal message on the tin cans. They would have free reign on how they would write the letter. This would create a personal and sweet atmosphere for the wedding and would definitely get people curious about the sweet messages, that could contain inside jokes and well wishes.

  1. Ribbons – Something sweet would be to decorate the tin cans with ribbons. This would not cost much but the outcome would be beautiful. Like flowers, ribbons can create a calm and safe atmosphere that is perfect for any fairytale beginning. It is also very creative as you can design the tin cans on your own with your own personalized type of ribbon. You can tie it and wrap it around the tin can in any way you wish, and it would look cute on the wedding car.
  2. DIY (Pom Poms) – This is a simple and neat trick to decorate the tin cans of the wedding car. Small pom poms or big ones could be used when doing this type of decoration. It is easy to do and budget friendly. The outcome would also be simple and cute that people would definitely want one to bring home to keep as something to remember the wedding by.

  1. Pictures – This would give the tin cans a personal touch with pictures of the bride and groom attached or etched on it. People would love to have one of it as a souvenir from the wedding. After all, who does not want a tin can with a sweet photo of the beloved? This would make the wedding centered on the relationship of the new couple and how they are with each other. It would showcase their love for each other and how they are as a couple. This is a sweet way of making the wedding car more personal to the bride and groom. They can even use the tin cans after as photo frames to decorate and keep as memorabilia of their wedding day.

  1. Personalized decorations – If you think the guests, friends and family have an artistic side to them, this could be a fun activity for everyone to help and contribute to the wedding car decoration. You never know when a Van Gogh may appear in the spotlight and create a painting of the beloved couple that they can and would definitely keep. This would also allow the new couple to have something personalized and unique for their wedding.

You can always decorate the tin cans in any way you want or in any way that would suit the wants and likes of the couple. Either way, these tin cans would definitely harbor a sweet and fun memory for anyone who attended the wedding. Especially the bride and groom.

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