Baby Basket for the Newborn


The combination of practicality and functionality in one basket becomes more unique when combined with creativity. The basket is a nice gift to give on baby shower party. The florist in Singapore can help you creatively arrange one specifically for the recipient. Here are some of the best baby baskets for newborn that you can buy or make for your gifts.

  1. Baby Blanket Basket

A set of crib sheets and baby blankets is always appreciated. You can help the new parents provide their little baby with different sheets to be used for the baby crib or bed by giving this special baby basket. To make them presentable and looking attractive, you can ask the online florist to tie them up with cute ribbons.

  1. Baby Books Basket

Baby books are a nice gift to give for the baby showers. These books can be arranged in a basket and accessorized and designed with cute accessories. You may send it as florist delivery with a beautiful flower arrangement for the new mom and dad.

  1. Baby Clothes Basket

Baby clothes are ideal items to give, especially when you want to give a basket. The baby basket of baby clothes will surely complete the collections of items the parents wish to have for their newborn baby. To get the best baby clothes, do not forget to check the flower shop or ask the florist for the registry.

  1. Baby Toys Basket

Toys are available in different materials, sizes, designs, shapes, and concepts. You can have the best gift for the baby shower party when you choose toys that are not just functional and educational but also safe and not harmful for the kids. Look from the florist online and pick the one that is highly recommended.

  1. Mom and Dad Basket

On baby shower party, do not forget to give some things for the mom and dad. They need special items, too, for relaxation or pampering. It is nice to think of the new parents as well when celebrating and welcoming the new baby.

No matter what the gender of the baby is, if you want to show your care and thoughtfulness to the family, you can send a wonderful set of gifts with a basket. There are plenty of choices for useful and durable baby items that are best to give when a new baby is about to arrive.

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