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We are sure that you are familiar with baby breath, but for those who don’t know, let’s find out, shall we? Baby breath are tiny flowers with a heart-warming affection to whoever sees or receives them! Since the early ’90s, florists around the world often tucked these beautiful tiny flowers to complete their flower arrangement—they are practically in every bouquet and vase arrangement!

Aside from its beauty, there is a reason why people love Baby Breath: they have a kind and good meaning and are just perfect to strengthen your lovely gesture towards someone that you care about.


Baby breath is the everlasting and undying love flower symbol, and this type of love is not just for couples, such as your family or your best friend. Baby Breath is also about pureness, innocence and about honesty and the true feeling. Baby Breaths are often used in a wedding ceremony because they represent the purity of emotion between two people who love each other.

There are several kinds of color to define the meaning of Baby Breath, white, pink, and yellow. White Baby Breath means the purity that we have talked about, Pink Baby Breath means a delicate message of affection to someone you love, and the Yellow Baby Breath means light and joy.

With those facts above, florists all over the world enjoy providing their customers with the best Baby Breath Flower, which includes us. Little Flower Hut provide you with the best Baby Breath you can find in Singapore. Baby Breath from us is just perfect for every flower bouquet arrangement or flower design and decoration that you order.

 If you are planning to have an engagement, don’t forget to include flowers in the decoration! Engagement is just as important as the wedding because there will be a lot of guests you would like to impress at this event, and this is the moment you only get once in your lifetime. And Baby Breath would be the best flower decoration for your beautiful engagement.


Since one of the flower meanings is about pure, everlasting, and undying love, then baby breath could be your perfect choice of flowers for your wedding decoration. It symbolizes your love and certainly makes your wedding day more beautiful with the Baby Breath.

Baby Shower

Not just for romance, Baby Breath is also about the purity of a newborn baby. There is a reason why they got “Baby” in the name. Not only because of its tiny size but also because of the representation of the pureness of a baby. Hence, these are the perfect flowers for an occasion like Baby Shower.

Buy a flower bouquet of Baby Breath before you attend a Baby Shower. Send them as a gift or simply include them in your baby gift hamper is also a great idea to welcome the newborn baby and congratulate the mommy.


Greet the love of your life with a bouquet of Baby Breath flowers on the anniversary day, and you sure will make your loved one smile! There is something special about Baby Breath that could make someone’s heart warm, and it is just the perfect way to show love and affection.


Wish her or him the happiest birthday with the Baby Breath flower to bring joy on this special day. The message that Baby Breath flowers bring will stick with your loved one and also show them your dedication; this is the power of love and innocence of Baby Breath.

Those are a few things about Baby Breath flowers and what you could do with them. Considering all the facts mentioned above, you would want to have the best flower arrangement on your special occasion, right? We provide them for you; we are an experienced florist with the best quality of flowers, and we will do our best for our customers!

Order a bouquet of Baby Breath here without having to spend so much money and energy! We have an easy online system to order, and our delivery service is just perfect to deliver this kind of happiness to your loved ones at such an affordable cost.