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Baby Hamper Deluxe



Baby Hamper Deluxe



Baby Hamper Deluxe



Baby Hamper Deluxe



Baby Hamper Deluxe



Baby Hamper Deluxe


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A great choice as a gift for welcoming a new baby. love the arrangement in the baby hamper basket I got. Delivery was prompt too. I will reorder again.

Tommy / Seng Kang

Sent my friend a baby gift filled with practical baby items since I’m overseas. Prompt delivery and great delivery services. Thank you Little Flower Hut! ❤️

Faith / East Coast

Greatly appreciate the effort put into this organic baby hamper. Ideal for a baby gift for loved ones.

Grace / Bishan

A child is a blessing in life. Being a parent is one of the most beautiful gifts people could get in life, now they have the responsibility to guide their child, and of course, raise and fulfilling the needs of their child. That sounds like a lot of work, but it is a wonderful journey; no one would have a single feeling of burden taking care of their child when there is love. However, parents are not the only one who is happy with the coming of their child: grandmother, grandfather, relatives, friends, and colleagues are happy too. Are you one of those happy people? Perhaps, you are also eager to welcome the newborn baby and would want to congratulate the proud parents with the best gift, right? In this case, baby hampers could be your best choice. Babies are so adorable, and sometimes you just can’t help but pamper them with a hamper gift.

Newborn hampers are one of the loveliest and the most appropriate gift you could give for a newborn baby. It is a basket full of baby gifts, yes it could contain more than one gift in one single basket. It can contain baby clothes, blankets, toys, bottles, and even flowers! These baby items can be useful for parents in raising their children. At the same time, you could show the parents that you care and are truly happy for them. Fortunately, it is quite easy to pick a hamper gift these days. You even don’t have to spend a lot of your time and energy to get this wonderful gift because you can get the hamper here, on Little Flower Hut When you don’t have time to attend the baby shower party or you just cannot be there to congratulate them personally, you can use our delivery service. Choose and pick the gift from our wide selection, pay it online, and get the gift safely delivered. It’s simply a convenient way for you to congratulate and welcome the newborn baby even if you cannot be there. Little Flower Hut is the perfect place where you can get the gift online without having to worry about its quality. Selecting the best gift should be started by picking the best place to buy the gift. Because, when you deal with a trusted company, you will get the best quality of the products. As one of the best online florists and newborn hamper Singapore companies, we provide a wide variety of hampers you could choose from. You can get the best and unique gift as you can customize the hamper to add your personal touch to the gift.

Choose the items that will suit the hamper or you think is the perfect gift for both the baby and the parents. You could include common gifts like clothes, shoes, blankets, bottles, toys and others into the hamper; but you could include something more special like an item that you made yourself. Perhaps, you want to include: A themed baby gift basket Whether a Dinosaurs theme for a baby boy or a Hello Kitty theme for the baby girl, a themed gift basket will certainly look more fancy and special than just a regular gift. By choosing a themed gift, you can add some stuff to one theme and make your gift stand out from the other gift. It would be better if you know their favorite (an example is the mother’s favorite cartoon character) because then it can show to the recipient your effort and how much you care. Baby book photo albums Clothes, shoes, bottles, and so on are common things to give in the hamper. Why don’t you try a baby photo album? The parents can then put the pictures of their baby inside, and they will keep the album throughout the time, the gift from you will last for a very long time too. Besides, that also could be a symbol that you want them to cherish every beautiful moment with the baby. Storybooks If you know that the parents are into books, you could include a storybook in the baby gift hamper so that they can read the book for their child later. And if you also want the child to like reading too, this is a great idea. Storybooks for kids with a nice and fun illustration are quite useful for their learning phase. Hanging musical toys To help the parents in making the baby sleep in comfort, you can add musical toys to hang on the baby’s cot; this can of thing can give visual stimulation for babies and we are sure the baby will enjoy it too. Those four are just an example of a personalized or customized baby gift hamper. There are still a lot of ideas you could make by yourself for the baby gift hamper, and you can be creative with it since it is also a fun thing to do! Don’t you just enjoy planning something to make your close friends/relatives happy? Our baby hampers can make it possible for you to be as creative as you can with your customized hamper without having to put so much effort. Just tell us what you want with the hamper, and we will do our best to make it, and take the extra miles to bring the gift that could make your beloved people smile. However, you need to bring an appropriate gift since this will be one of the things that could show your intentions toward the people you care about.