Baby Shower Gifts Moms Really Wish For

Although moms do not really require the guests and invited friends and family to bring a Baby Hamper Singapore or any gifts on the baby shower party, giving them Baby gifts Singapore is still appreciated. Actually, most moms anticipate the surprises that her friends are up to. Here are some of the gifts that moms really wish for during the baby showers:

  1. Pre-paid Photo shoots

A photography session from a well-known photographer is probably expensive. If you are giving or sending a special baby first month gift and you want something unique and surprising, pay a photo session for the family.

  1. Paid vouchers for baby diapers

Although many guests will bring or give diapers, most moms prefer the vouchers for baby diapers instead as the baby shower gift Singapore. This will allow them to choose the right size of diapers their baby needs.

  1. Frozen meals

Most moms can’t find time cooking or preparing meals because the baby demands most of her time. With a baby gift set Singapore of frozen meals and cooked meals, she will feel comforted. When you give this gift, make sure that the foods you prepare are healthy and nutritious because she needs more nutrition for the next days and months.

  1. Practical help

Moms wish for reliable helpers can help her do some of the household chores or some of her duties or office works. She may need a computation done or the laundry bags emptied or the house clean. If you are thinking of very special personalized baby gifts, your helping hands will be the best gift you can offer.

  1. Your prayers and encouragement

More than anything else, a new mom wishes for sincerest prayers and encouragement from her family and friends. Instead of offering her and her new baby with any material things, a word of prayer and encouragement is a gift that anyone can offer. Put it in cards or let her know you never forget to mention her and the baby in your prayers. That can be the most special gift she can ever receive on this special occasion.

These are just few of the many things you can offer and give the new mom as your baby shower gift. The Baby Hamper Singapore from you will be greatly appreciated, especially if you what you give them on baby showers is one of the gifts or things she wished for.

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