The Best Floral Arrangements for Your Bridal Bouquet

If you are the bride, your bridal bouquet is the best accessory you can carry along the aisle. It is just essential to pick the best type of flowers and the best floral arrangement for your bouquet on wedding day. Plan it right and get Flower Delivery Singapore of your wedding flowers with a wedding Florist Singapore. A reputable one can help you narrow down your search and lead you to the best floral arrangements for your bridal bouquet.

Oversized Bouquet of Red Flowers

A red bouquet in oversized style composed of mixed flowers of Celosia, Bells of Ireland, and Zinnias. It is accentuated with Queen Anne’s Laces and red ribbons. This flower arrangement pops and stands out perfectly on a white wedding gown. The florist in Singapore creates such a lovely flower for the bridal bouquet but you can ask for a personalized design to make the hand bouquet fit for your style and personality.

Bouquets of Succulents

Some gorgeous green Succulents are paired with pops of Purples for this lovely and unique bridal bouquet. Limonium is one type of Purple that can be used for such a bouquet. If this is your preferred design, you can ask your wedding florist to give you several samples of designs or you can check the profile of a reputable florist online to get ideas for succulent bouquets for your wedding.

 Bouquet of Romantic Flowers

Carnations, Roses, and Peonies blended together create a lovely and lush bridal bouquet. It is a very familiar flower arrangement for the wedding because of its romantic and feminine style. The shades of red, pink, and light pink make it perfect for any sweet wedding gown design. Plan it well and get them fresh from a florist delivery just in time for the wedding.

Bouquet of Lavenders

The sweet blossoms of Blue Bird Roses, Lavender double Tulips, Pink Godetia, and Dendrobium Orchids can be paired with Catmint and Kent Beauty Oregano for a lovely bridal bouquet. It gives an elegant appearance and a lovely accent for the beautiful long white gown for the wedding.

Bouquet of Wildflowers

Wildflowers are charming and pretty. They make a lovely choice for those brides who want garden weddings. Wildflowers like Baby’s Breath, Queen Anne’s Laces, Baby Blue Ice, Dog Violets, and Corn flowers are among the flowers that can be combined together to form a lovely bridal bouquet.

These floral arrangements are among the best and popular choices for bridal bouquets. You can choose one from these for the Flower Delivery Singapore for your wedding.

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