Best Types of Flowers for Wedding and Prom Corsages

Corsages are special flower arrangements of mini bouquets worn on the lapel or around the wrist. A corsage is usually made of three to five pieces of flowers and fillers designed to complement the dress or to match the event. Ladies prefer to wear the corsage around the wrist and not as pin on their dresses or gowns while men pin the corsages on the lapel. For proms and weddings, corsages can be ordered for Flower Delivery Singapore from a reputable Florist Singapore. Among the best types of flowers for corsages are the following:

  • Roses

Roses are a beautiful bloom which is why they are widely used as corsages whether for weddings or for proms. They are also available in wide varieties of colors and sizes and they have hard petals that are sure to withstand any wear and tear during the event. The flower shop Singapore has these corsages for your needs.

  • Carnations

The florist in Singapore also has Carnations for corsages. They are also available in a wide variety of colors and hues from white, pink, maroon, orange, yellow, and red. With the varieties of colors, corsages of Carnations are sure to match and complement any theme or motif of wedding or proms. They can last for a long time even after the design.

  • Corsages

A florist delivery of corsages of Chrysanthemums is common to any weddings or proms. This type of flower has been used as corsages for more than decades ago. With all the varieties of colors and sizes of mums, most schools prefer this flower to represent the color of the school. Paired with ribbons and fillers, Chrysanthemums are appealing and attractive on dresses or wrists.

  • Orchids

Orchids are also a popular choice for weddings or proms corsages. They are perfect for exotic and unique wedding themes. Purple or light purple orchids look great on white dresses or gowns while pink and yellows are great on dark colors of gowns. A white orchid is a great choice for corsages for men, especially in their black tuxedo. Ask the online florist Singapore for a unique design complemented with ribbons and accessories.

The florists in Singapore offer different types of flowers and designs for corsages on proms and weddings. When you order Flower Delivery Singapore of these flowers, the florist will make sure that the corsages are designed with accessories to match the motif and the theme of the event.

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