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Up until now, flowers have always been a very symbolic and meaningful gift for both men and women. Flowers are one great option, whether you are in a relationship and want to do romantic things with flowers or you feel at loss choosing the proper gift ideas to get someone’s heart.

No matter what is the occasion and no matter who is the recipient, flowers never fail to melt the heart! Especially if the flowers are arranged beautifully and given on a special day like a birthday.

Believe it or not, no one will deny the happiness brought by a bunch of beautiful blooms. When you are planning to make someone happy on his or her birthday, you can do it with flowers. Remember that they are celebrating another year of their life. Thus they would be grateful and happy on that day, and that’s why flowers are nice to receive; they can make the receiver feel more special.

It’s hard to resist flowers, and almost everyone loves to receive them. Flowers smell wonderful, flowers are beautiful, and flowers also can be arranged creatively.

Sending birthday flowers is also an alternative when you are busy and could not meet your spouse on your birthday. This action will help express your love and care even though you are far away at the moment and it will help you to brighten their day. This is also a beautiful gesture that will be appreciated by the receiver, especially because you remember the day and make an effort to make them smile.

Another thing that makes flowers become a special gift is that they are meaningful. Each flower holds meaning and it can be used to express the feeling of the giver.

Even though actually you can easily pick so many choices of other gifts out there, if you choose flowers to give a meaningful and unique gift, this would be a wonderful idea. With birthday flowers, you send a type of gift that gave the receiver something to remember and is hard to forget, especially if the flowers fit their taste and personality.

Types of Birthday Flowers to Choose


Roses are a great choice for the loved one. Almost everyone knows that Roses are a symbol of love. You can let your are beloved know how much you love them by giving them a bunch of beautiful Roses.


Daisies symbolize innocence and true love. If you are giving someone a bouquet of Daisies, that means you hope the receiver to see the world innocently like a child and start a happier life there. You can express your true love too in here with Daisies.


Lilies express purity and any pure intentions you have towards the receiver. Perhaps, a bouquet of Lilies is worth more than expensive shoes because your thoughts, love, and care are with them.


Sunflowers mean happiness and long life. The sunflower represents the power to overcome life since the Sunflower itself can stay alive for a long time. The happiness, however, is symbolized by the bright colors and happy vibes the Sunflower brings everywhere.

Above are just some examples, you could explore more about the meaning of flowers online before you choose the birthday flowers or simply ask us and order them online here on our website.

Order Birthday Flower Delivery

As one of the leading online florists in Singapore, we provide flowers for birthday occasions as well. To enable you to get the most suitable flowers easily, our online system was created in the simplest and most convenient way. Our florist will help you to create a mesmerizing flower bouquet and make the special receiver smile. It doesn’t matter if you know nothing about flowers, you will never go wrong in choosing our bouquets since our florist will give you the best suggestion and choices of flowers.

In addition, our flowers can be joined with other gifts as well. Either you put the flowers in a hamper giftchocolate hamper, or add some cute little gifts like a teddy bear (and any other cute dolls), balloons, and many more. A flower arrangement enhanced with balloons and some “Happy Birthday” messages on a greeting card will make the birthday girl or the birthday boy smile even wider. And with our Free Same Day delivery service, you can send or deliver the beautiful gift to anyone, at any time.

You don’t need to worry about expensive flower bouquets because here you can get a high-quality bouquet at an affordable price. So, what are you waiting for? Order the flower bouquet now and give this special gift to your special someone