Enclosure Card Messages


Birthday Wishes

  • Wishing You A Very Happy Birthday – And Many, Many More
  • Happy Belated Birthday!!!
  • You’re Not Getting Older – It Just Feels That Way
  • I Hope These Brighten Your Day, As You Always Brighten Mine
  • With Age Comes Wisdom, You’re One Of The Wisest People I Know
  • On Your Birthday You Might Feel Extra Special But, I Think You’re Pretty Special Every Day
    With loving thoughts and very happy wishes! Happy Birthday
  • Every day with you it’s like a birthday treat for me…Today is your birthday and I want to return that favor! Have a great birthday, my friend!
  • Together we have fought nail and tooth, cried together, share our warmest hugs together. Today I realize what a wonderful friend you have been. Happy Birthday to my closest pal!
  • It does not matter how we age, but that we age gracefully. You are always that sparkling person in my life! Happy birthday!


Love, Anniversary, & Romance

  • Thanks For Another Wonderful Year!
  • From My Heart To Yours, With Love
  • I Did Not Know Love Till I Met You
  • Thank You For Each Wonderful Moment We Share
  • Beautiful Flowers For An Even More Beautiful You
  • I Am Thankful To Be Able To Share My Life With You
  • God Gave Me The Best When He Gave Me You
  • Because I Still Love You Bunches!
  • To My One And Only Earthly Love. Though Storms May Come And Troubles Be Common, Our Love And Devotion Will Endure
  • Every day I Give Thanks That You Chose To Spend Your Life With Me
  • You Are A Beautiful Wife, Mother, and Partner In Life. I Love You!
  • I Love You More Than I Ever Thought Possible
  • Your Are My Soul’s Desire, My Life, My Flame, My Fire. I Will Love You To The End And Beyond.
  • You Are My Love, My Life, My Friend, My Soul mate, My Lover, My EVERYTHING! You Complete Me.
  • Have A Beautiful Day, Because I’ll Have One Just Thinking Of You
  • Though There Are Miles Between Us, There Is No Diminishing The Closeness We Share
  • To The Greatest Wife, The Most Caring Mother, And My Best Friend.
  • WARNING! Only The Sweet & Beautiful May Touch This. That’s Why I’m Sending It To You.
  • Flowers Are Like Love. Cut Them, And They’ll Languish. Nourish Them, And They’ll Flourish.
  • A Little Something To Let You Know You’re On My Mind And In My Soul
  • Around You, I Lose Myself. Away From You, I Find Myself Wanting To Be Lost Again.
  • I love you more today than yesterday, less than tomorrow.
  • To love is to admire with the heart; to admire is to love with the mind.
  • Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. – 1 Corinthians 13:4-8
  • To the world you are someone, but to someone you are the world.
  • Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
  • Love is missing someone whenever you’re apart, But somehow feeling warm inside because you’re close in heart. – Kay Knudsen
  • Life is a journey, and love is what makes that journey worthwhile.
  • Love doesn’t make the world go ’round. Love makes the ride worthwhile. – Franklin P. Jones
  • Flowers as reminders, that thoughts are always near you to brighten all your moments.
  • Though we are going to have so many other anniversaries ahead of us, I just want to take this chance to tell you how much you mean to me. Happy anniversary my love! I’m glad I found you.
  • Till this day, I can still remember the moment when I first lay my eyes on you, and how you took my breath away. I loved you then, and I love you now. Thank you for being with me. Happy Anniversary!
  • We have been there for each other and I’ll continue to be there for you forever and ever… U mean so much to me. Happy Anniversary!
  • You’ve always been on my mind since the first day I met you. You are truly spectacular. Happy Anniversary!
  • You’re the reason every obstacles seem so much easier to overcome… You’re why I wake up smiling everyday… You make life seem so much more. Thank you for lighting up my life.
  • My mind and thoughts are filled with images of you every minute, every second, every blink. I miss you.
  • It’s not how beautiful you look. It’s not how perfect you are. For you are perfect in my eyes and I can’t stop loving you.
  • Some people need a kiss a day to seal their love, others need flowers everyday. I just need to see you to keep falling in love all over again.


Get Well

  • Get Well Soon!!!
  • Wishing You A Speedy Recovery!
  • We miss you! Come back soon!
  • With Warmest Get Well Wishes
  • Hurry Up & Get The Heck Out Of There!!!
  • We Know You’re In Good Hands, But Don’t Get Too Comfy There!
  • Hope You Are Feeling Well, Our Prayers Go With You
  • With Fondest Love & Best Wishes For A Speedy Recovery.
  • Nurse your health back again, get well soon!
  • You’re my sunshine and it hurts to see you sick. Get well soon!
  • Best wishes for a quick and complete return to health.
  • There is no fun without you, so hurry up and get well!
  • Recover fast and quick cause we are all missing you…
  • Let this be a short rest before you embark on your journey to greater challenges…
  • Work is never the same without you! Get well soon, we miss you!


New Baby

  • Just to say HI to the new member of the family!
  • Congratulations on the arrival of your new family member…
    Mum’s proudest moment is to bring a new life in this world. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby.
  • A happy family is never complete with a bundle of joy wailing away at his cot. Congratulations new Mum and Dad!
  • Another Miracle In This World. Welcome!
  • At Last She Is Out! Congratulations!
  • Welcome To Your New Baby Girl!
  • Congratulations on the arrival of your new baby girl.
  • Even though it’s an anxious time for dad to see his little girl grow up. But I am sure when she is born; she is the family’s sweetest angel. Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl.
  • The fruit of creation of your love that you have for one another is the perfect joy of having that baby girl cuddling warmly in your arms. Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl!
  • It’s a girl! Wishing field of cotton candy for you… and your new little ray of sunshine. Congratulations!
  • You’ll guide your little girl’s footsteps in life…and together you’ll discover wonderful new things along the way. Congratulations!
  • A New Little Girl to Brighten Your World! She couldn’t have happened to a nicer family! Congratulations to Everyone!
  • At Last He Is Out! Congratulations!
  • Welcome To Your New Baby Boy!
  • A New Little Boy to Brighten Your World! He couldn’t have happened to a nicer family! Congratulations to Everyone!
  • Congratulations on the arrival of your newborn baby boy.
  • There is nothing prouder than holding that special boy in your arms. His sweet little smile and his tiny weenie figures and toes…Here’s to a great happy family and a new mum and dad.
  • The fruit of creation of your love that you have for one another is the perfect joy of having that baby boy cuddling warmly in your arms. Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy!
  • It’s a boy! Wishing skies of blue for you…and your new little ray of sunshine. Congratulations!


Sympathy / Funeral

  • With Deepest Sympathy
  • In Loving Memory
  • With Heartfelt Condolences
  • Our Thoughts And Prayers Are With You
  • Fondest Remembrances
  • Your memory will be kept, loved and cherished.
  • Beautiful memories held deep in my heart
  • Deeply missed and forever etched in our hearts.
  • You have departed yet your legacy leaves an unforgettable heart imprints. Deeply loved & forever missed.
  • ” As our loved ones knock on Heaven’s door, our Father waits with open arms. “
  • With deepest sympathy & condolences on the demise of your beloved (mother/father)
  • Our deepest condolences to you and your family
  • With deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences to you on the demise of your beloved one.
  • To (Family member’s name) With Deepest Sympathy On The Demise Of Your (Mother/Father)
  • To The Family Of The Late (decease’s name). With Deepest Sympathies & Condolences.


Valentine’s Day

  • I Couldn’t Wait To Say Happy Valentine’s Day (For Early Deliveries)
  • You Will Always Be My Valentine
  • Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, My Favorite Valentine Will Always Be You
  • Who Said Flowers Were Just For Girls?!!
  • Happy Valentine’s To The Best Mom Anyone Could Ever Have!
  • Congratulations On Winning The 3rd Annual Valentines Flower Giveaway From Me To You!
  • You Will Always Be My One And Only Valentine. I Love You.
  • You Are The Sweetest, Most Beautiful Valentine A Guy Could Ever Have
  • These Roses Can Speak. Listen How They Softly Whisper, “I Love You, I Love You.”
  • I Can’t Resist Sending Flowers To Someone Who Makes Me Laugh And Is More And More Beautiful Every Time I See Her.
  • A Beautiful Girl Deserves Beautiful Flowers Every Day… But Especially For Valentine’s
  • Mom, I Love You More Than Words Can Say! You’re A Better Valentine Than Any Boy Could Ever Be!
  • Happy Valentines’ Day, Dad and Mom! Thanks For Everything You Do And Mostly Just For Being There!
  • I May Not Be Your Husband Or Boyfriend, But I Still Love You, Mom!
  • No Valentine, No Love, No Woman, And No Friend Could Ever Be Sweeter Than You
  • You Deserve To Be Honored On This Fine Day. So, Here Are Some Flowers I’m Sending Your Sweet Way.
  • The Roses May Look Similar To Previous Valentine’s Days, But I Love You More And More Each Year
  • Thank Goodness You Said “Yes” To Our First Date
  • I love you more today than yesterday, less than tomorrow. – Angela Gerardi
  • Many people will walk in & out of your life but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart. Let this be the day where my prints are sunk into your heart!


Secretaries’ & Administrative Assistants’ Day

  • Happy Secretary’s Week!!!
  • You’re Not Just A Great Assistant, You’re A Great Person, Too
  • Thank You For Making My Job So Easy.. Happy Secretary’s Week…
  • Your hard work and dedication is appreciated today and all year
  • Thank you for taking care of my appointments and me. Happy Secretary’s Week…
  • You have been a great secretary! Keep up the good job…
  • Thank you for all the help you have given me…
  • You have been a wonderful help. Happy Administrative Professionals Week…
  • It’s a job well done! Thanks for all the help you have provided. You are a great assistant!
  • If it’s not for your assistance, I will not know how to do it alone. Thanks for being such a great secretary!


Mother’s Day

  • Happy Mother’s Day!
  • To The Greatest Mom I Ever Had
  • Thanks For The Gift Of Life
  • Mom, We Just Wanted To Let You Know How Special You Are To Us
  • Thank You For Your Love, Your Joy, Your Guidance, Your Wisdom, And Your Smile
  • Happy Mother’s Day from “Mom, Jr.”
  • Mom, I Love You, Miss You, And Am So Proud Of You. I Just Hope I Can Become Half The Woman You Are.
  • Your The Absolute Best Mom We Could Have And An Inspiration To Us All
  • To The Sweetest Mom Of Them All
  • To The Best Mom And Wife In The Whole World
  • To The Greatest Mom Anyone Ever Had!
  • Mothers Are The Flowers Of Our Lives, The Thorns That Prick Us When We’re Off Track, The Leaves That Catch Us When We Fall
  • Thanks For Your Love, Support, And Good Home Cooking. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • To The Best Mother And Mother-In-Law There Is. Thank You For Your Love, Your Joy, Your Guidance, Your Wisdom, And Your Smile.
  • Every Day I See What A Wonderful Job You Do Raising Our Children And Could Never Thank You Enough For All You Do.
  • To The World’s Greatest Mom!
  • Like A Bright Bouquet Of Spring Time Flowers. A Mother’s Love Is A Treasure Of Beauty & Joy
  • Thanks for every single thing you have done for me. They make me what I’m today! I love you Mum! Happy Mother’s Day!
  • All the things you have done, no matter how small, has meant a great deal to me. Thank You, Mom!
  • You were always standing by me, regardless of rain or storm. For that I thank you, Mom
  • Thank you for always providing me with the best and nothing but the best! Happy Mother’s Day!
  • When I need a shoulder to cry on, you are there. When I need a gentle comfort, you are there. Mom, you are both a great friend and a great mentor thanks!
  • Mom, you may be the world’s champion in nagging. But I know that I am always in your love and care. Thanks for wanting the best for me mum!



  • Wishing You A Very Merry Christmas
  • All The Brightest And The Best Of The Season
  • Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
  • With Warmest Holiday Wishes From Our Family To Yours
  • Wishing You All The Peace, Joy, and Love Of The Season
  • An Angel Hug From Me To You. Merry Christmas!
  • All The Brightest And The Best Of The Season
  • We Wish You A Holiday Season, Filled With Wonder & Delight!
  • Greetings Of The Season. Hope Your Everyday Is Filled With Wonder!
  • Wishing You All The Peace, Joy & Love Of The Season
  • Greetings Of The Season. Hope Your Everyday Is Filled With Wonder!



  • Heartiest Congratulations!
  • Congratulations on your promotions!
  • Congratulations to you on this auspicious occasion!
  • There is nothing more beautiful than a dream in bloom! Congratulations!
  • You did it! Great job! Congratulations!
  • You have the star quality. Shine on in your new appointment. Congratulations!
  • A World Of Gratitude For your Thoughtful Deeds
  • Belated But With Sincere Thanks!
  • Congratulations On Your Recent Success, We Look Forward To Work With You As You Grow


Grand Opening

  • There isn’t more beautiful than a dream in bloom! Congratulations for your official opening of your company!
  • Congratulations on scaling new heights!
  • Congratulations and best wishes to you on your new venture!
  • Congratulations on your official opening!
  • A toast & cheer on your grand official opening!
  • Cheers for a better venture ahead! May your business boom and grow with success! Congratulations.



  • I am your true friend. If you fall I will not pick you up, I will catch you on the way down.
  • A friend is a close companion on rainy days, someone to share with through every phase.
  • For all the times I never said the things I should, I thank you for all the times you understood.
  • If I had a flower for all the times you’ve made me smile and laugh, I would have a garden to walk in forever.
  • A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. -Walter Winchell
  • Sisters by chance, friends by choice. -Unknown
  • Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk  beside me and just be my friend. -Albert Camus, French Novelist


Chinese New Year

  • Wishing You A Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year
  • May this new year be just the start of the joyous years to come!
  • The breeze of fresh spring is gratifying. May you be blessed with good health and happiness this new year!
  • May you have the excess and abundance this year! Happy New Year!



  • Happy Engagement! You have my most sincere wishes!
  • Hope to receive your wedding invitation very soon…
  • Congratulations! Wishing You Both A Blissful & Everlasting Marriage
  • Lasting Happiness To You Both You’re Married! Let The Bliss Begin!
  • To my favorite couple, congratulations on your special day. May this day be filled with wonderful memories for you that will last a lifetime.



  • Enjoy the festivals of lights! May the blessings follow you throughout the year.
  • Warmest wishes for the New Year ! Happy Deepavali!
  • Light up !! Have a happy Deepavali !


Father’s Day

  • Thank you for the warmth and love that you had showered me with… Dad! You are the most important guy in my life… Happy Father’s Day
    Today, Fathers Across The Land Are Being Honored, Revered & Respected
  • To The World’s Greatest Dad!
  • Thank you for being such a wonderful father… Happy Father’s Day!
  • Thank You Dad… you’re my greatest friend!
  • Everyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be called dad. Happy father’s day, dad !
  • I need not a hero for I have none a greater hero than daddy in my life. Thanks dad for being there!
  • Dad, you are both a friend and a mentor, the guide of my life! Thanks for being there for me always


For the boss

  • Thank you for all your guidance. You’ve been a wonderful mentor!
  • I have learnt so much from you. Your unselfish guidance and words of advice are greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  • Thank you for being such an understanding person. You have helped to make working more enjoyable to me.
  • Thank you for being so tolerant and patient with us. You’re a wonderful boss and friend.
  • You have been a wonderful boss and source of inspiration for all of us. Thank you for being a friend!
  • Thanks boss! You are the formula to our success!
  • Thanks for being such an understanding boss who cares! Happy bosses’ day!


For Colleagues

  • Thanks for sticking with me through all the bumpy times in the office. You have been a great pal and a blessing to me!
  • Thanks for braving those power meetings with me! You have been a great help and support!
  • We may have our disagreements, but you can’t deny that we make a great team! You have been great to work with. Thanks!


Graduation Day

  • You have come through a long way. May this initial the start of your new life.
  • Welcoming you to the Social University… You did a great job! Well done!
  • Finally, the day comes when you say goodbye to your school and hello to the new world! Happy graduations day!
  • I never doubt for one second that you will make it! Congratulations your hard work has paid off!

Hari Raya

  • Selamat Hari Raya
  • Selamat Hari Raya Adilfitri!
  • Wishing you a happy and blessed Ramadan!


House Warming

  • Congratulations on your new home!
  • May your new home bring you more joy and wealth.
  • Let the new house symbolise the start of a better and prosperous life ahead…
  • Here’s something that I would like to contribute to your new home… A bundle of love and blessings from me! Happy housewarming!


Thank You

  • Thank you for what you have done for me. I will always remember it!!!
  • Thank you for standing by me when I needed you most!
  • Thank you for giving me the chance to fulfill my dreams and aspirations!
  • Thank you for your utmost assistance that you have provided me with…
  • Thanks for all that you have done. You have indeed played an important part in making this event a success!
  • Some people choose to influence, others choose to comfort. Thanks for choosing to inspire and build into my life. You have been a great mentor!


I’m Sorry

  • Humans are imperfect … I can do nothing but to ask for you forgiveness in it. I know that I am wrong. Sorry!
  • I know that this is all my fault… I will never do it again. Please forgive me!
  • This is the first time… and will definitely be the last time that this happens. I never want to make you upset again. I’m sorry… Please forgive me!
  • I’m here to ask for your forgiveness. I’m sorry for hurting you…
  • I will never let this happen again… it is all a moment of folly.. I beg for your forgiveness…
  • I’m so sorry… I do not know what came over me. Please forgive me.
  • It’s so difficult to say that I am sorry and expect you to forgive me. But I still hope that you will forgive me!


New Year’s Day

  • Season Greetings for a Happy and Prosperous year!
  • If you have a special dream you’d like to have come true, Here’s hoping that you’ll get your wish before the year is through. Happy New Year!
  • For a special friend at the New Year.. The new year is a time for renewal… a time for hope… a time to wish good things to the people who mean the most to us. Happy New year!