Caring for Mums to Make Them Last Longer

Mums or Chrysanthemums are fall flowers that come in myriads of colors and varieties. They are beautiful and lovely when arranged in a bouquet for a wonderful Flower Delivery Singapore. Mums are popular for flower gifting because of its colorful domes and because they are expressive of feelings and emotions. Learn how you can take care of your Mums from pots or gardens according to the Florist Singapore. Here are the easy steps to caring for Mums:

Step #1: Know when to cut the flowers.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of these flowers inside your home, learn how and when to cut them. They are best cut early in the morning while the sun is not yet up or late evening while they are fully hydrated. Choose Mums with buds not yet open or half opened so they will last longer in a hand bouquet or in a beautiful flower arrangement in vases or jars.

Step #2: Cut them properly.

Use a sharp knife or shear and cut the stems longer, if possible, to allow for re-cutting purposes. The florist online suggests using only a sharp tool and to never use dull knife or shears that will cause the tissues of the stems to tear out. This will shorten the lifespan of the flowers.

Step #3: Dip the bottom end of the stems in warm water.

Get a clean pail and fill it on half with warm water. Allow the stems to dip in the warm water immediately after cutting them from its plant. After dipping them for a minute or less, place them in a clean vase with clean water, preferably distilled water.

 Step #4: Condition the Mums.

To condition the flowers, add some floral preservatives to the water. The flower shop Singapore sells commercial floral preservatives which contains proper balance of nutrition that the flowers need. Homemade floral preservatives are also effective just as long as they have sugar to supply the energy and bleach to prevent and control bacteria.

Step #5: Take care of the bouquet.

The best way to ensure that the bouquets are properly taken care of is to change the water daily. Also, it will be helpful if you will place the vase far from windows and hot spots. Mums can last longer when they are placed in a cold temperature. Ask the florist in Singapore for other simple tips in taking care of mums from your own garden or from a lovely Flower Delivery Singapore.

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