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Lucky Plants for Chinese New Year
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Specially Curated with High Grade, Fresh & Only The Best Abalones From Around The World

Plentiful CNY Abalone Hamper

The finest hampers packed with high-quality Abalone and Bird Nest to impress and pamper tastebuds.

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Same Day Delivery CNY Hamper Island Wide

Prosperity & Abundance Hampers & Gifts

As Chinese New Year arrives, it’s once again time for families and friends to load up on those CNY treats that everyone loves!

Golden Prosperity

 Mandarin Oranges Lunar New Year Hampers

it’s once again time for families and friends to load up on those CNY treats that everyone loves!

Auspicious Bundle Selections. Best Savings

Bountiful Lunar New Year Hamper

Bringing You Abundance & Wealth, Generation after Generation

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Spread the Fortune with Our Finest Chinese New Year Hamper Collection

One of the most important Chinese festivals throughout the year is the Chinese New Year. This is the time to send blessings of happiness, success, and wealth to the people most important to you. Little Flower hut’s Chinese New Year hamper is perfect to send to friends, family, and business partners and clients. You can also add red envelopes to the hampers if you want to show a gesture of goodwill and to spread fortune.


Gift CNY Hampers To Family, Friends & Clients 

We have all these hampers in time for the Chinese New Year celebration. Here are the finest collections of Chinese New Year hampers:


Bounty Fortune CNY Abalone Gift Sets 

Wish your family and friends a promise of bountiful fortune on Chinese New Year with this hamper. A bounty hamper contains sets of wine and tea, Essence of Chicken with Ginseng, Cordyceps, Abalones and Scallop in sauce, American Ginseng slice, Revitalizing and longevity Tonic Soup pack, white flower mushrooms, Superior Fish Maw, Flavor herbal Jelly, set of Bountiful Harvest, and sets of Abalones. This is an ideal bundle of gifts to share with officemates and colleagues.


Traditional CNY Goodies Hamper

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with one of our finest hampers that consists of wines and champagnes, cookies and biscuits, cheese, and many more. The hamper is also a bundle of snack treats and beverages and some jars of preserved fruits or gourmets for everyone. The sets of snacks and drinks are carefully selected for festive celebrations. Call us for this special hamper delivery that you can send to your loved ones to anywhere in Singapore.


Signature CNY Mandarin Orange Hamper

Send this delightful welcome Mandarin Orange hampers to your friends and family and make the celebration more delightful. The hamper contains bags of juicy mandarin orange, lucky candies, fortune cookies, lychee teas, some finest wines or champagnes, and a set of red envelopes for everyone. We can help you pick the right hamper gift to send to each of the important people in your life at the Chinese New Year celebration.


Send Auspicious Greeting with our Chinese New Year Hamper

The finest hampers for Chinese New Year are available in a wide variety of designs and sets to choose from. Whether you want to express the warmest greetings and well wishes of prosperity to family and relatives or friends and colleagues, our hamper delivery will never let you down. Send one through us and expect that your gifts will come just in time for the celebration.

Various Chinese New Year aka CNY Hamper Designs – Same Day Delivery

Chinese New Year is the time of the year when it is a pleasure to share blessings and well wishes to family and friends or to clients, colleagues, and business partners. It is a Chinese tradition to send hampers on this special occasion. A CNY Hamper is one of the best to give as gifts.  Our Florist prepares special designs of these hampers to suit the recipients in the most satisfactory way. Here are among the best designs of Chinese New Year hampers to choose from:


Prosperity Hampers

This hamper is full of abundant joyous treats to wish the coming year with good luck and prosperity. A hamper delivery of choice wine or champagne, pastries or egg rolls, dark chocolates or mint chocolates, ginseng, dried longan, abalone sauce, dried mushrooms, complimentary hand bouquet, and a message card is a perfect choice of gifts for the celebration.


Healthy Life Hampers

A hamper of special gifts for healthy life is also a popular choice in sending gifts to people who are important in your life. You can send them your well wishes for long, healthy, and happy life with this hamper. It contains Gianna Tea, dried cranberries, cocoa dusted almonds, milk chocolate from Brazil, walnut cookies, Sau Tao scallop noodles with sauce, pastries, egg rolls, complimentary flower bouquet, and a message card. We offers these hampers for same day delivery.


Gourmet Hampers

This hamper is a perfect gift to give to friends, family, and loved ones you wish well with good fortune, prosperity, and indulgence. It contains deluxe shitake gift, red dates, Tie Guen Yin, pastires, egg rolls, Sky Dragon ablone, special choices of gourmets, complimentary flowers, and a message card. This gift is ideal for corporate gifting and for family celebrations on New Year.


Gorgeous Hampers

You can share this gorgeous hamper of gifts to family and friends on New Year celebration. The hamper contains choice of wine, champagne, or tea, some kallos cashews, shitake, pineapple shortcake, egg rolls, abalone, some choices of gourmets, complimentary flowers, and a message card. It can also be sent as gift to clients and business partners for the New Year wishes.

Sending hampers through Little Flower Hut on New Year’s Day is a simple but joyful way of telling your family, friends, relatives, and important people your wishes of health, prosperity, and wealth.