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What Some of Customer Say

Loved the chocolate selection in this  basket, put a smile on my recipient’s face. Chocolate were fantastic, you can even reuse the basket.

Agnes / Leonie

Such a wonderful selection of online gifts. Good chocolate delivery service! Singapore is truly blessed to have Little Flower Hut!

Sandy / CBD

This was my first time ordering a chocolate hamper and it was for dad’s birthday. I’m really happy with the selection of chocolates and snacks and the look of it.

Simon / TPY

Chocolate is like a ray of sunshine on a dark day: it can brighten your mood and save you from a bad day. According to study, people—especially women, have a special bond for the taste of chocolate. Most women would respond that they love chocolate if being questioned.

However, you don’t need any more proof of the facts above. Just ask yourself: can you resist chocolate? Take a look a around: do they enjoy eating chocolate? There are people that are allergic to chocolate, in some cases, they actually might want to eat it. And there are a few people who hate sweets, but have you try to give them not-too-sweet dark chocolate?

Hence, if you ever want to say thanks to someone or simply want to give them a sweet present, you could always go with chocolate. Just like flowers, chocolate also a great way for you to say that you’re sorry, even so much better than just words. Giving chocolate to others is an intimate way of communication for sharing your feeling and your kind thoughts.

It’s all because chocolate has these unique powers to make people happy and healthy like:


The level of serotonin in your brain after you eat chocolate can increase because of the cocoa in the chocolate. Serotonin is a natural antidepressant or the “feel-good” chemical your body has. And when you eat chocolate, the level of serotonin will increase naturally, that’s why you feel happy or feel more relaxed after you eat chocolate. Moreover, a study in Switzerland also proved that when eating chocolate, the stress hormone levels will decrease.


Not only in coffee, but you could also find caffeine in chocolate. Caffeine is a stimulant that can improve the flow of blood to your brain, also boost the secretion of serotonin. Caffeine can lift your spirits and decrease fatigue to improve your alertness, as well as your cognitive performance. And all of this will put you in a good mood.


Believe it or not, chocolate has this power to stimulate the feeling of being in love too, that’s why chocolate is also called as a “love-drug” with this small amount inside chocolate called Phenylethylamine. Besides, this chemical in chocolate could trigger the release of endorphins which make you feel good, as well as being the antidepressant.


Flavonoids which is available in dark chocolate will increase the flow of blood to your brain like what caffeine do.

Another health benefit from chocolate are: First, it’s good for your cardiovascular, it could reduce the risk of heart failure and lower the blood pressure, as well as reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. Second, chocolate is good for your skin; chocolate can improve the flow of blood in your skin, reduce the risk of getting sunburnt, also help your skin get better hydrated and increase your skin density. Surprisingly, chocolate also can help you lose weight by reducing your appetite, eating dark chocolate two hours before the meal and your craving for sweet and fatty food will reduce.

So, those are the reasons why chocolate is good for you, emotionally and physically. And those are also the reasons why chocolate is a great gift, especially the chocolate delivery Singapore from us. We ensure you that our chocolate does taste not only good but also looks beautiful and heart-warming to the recipient.

Other than a sweet gift, there are still a lot more about chocolate that makes it a perfect gift: deliciousness the moment we eat it, the memories that may include in this childhood taste, and the grin or smile that shows as they think that they are special because you give them chocolate.

Even so, you still need to make sure that the chocolate you give are not just an ordinary chocolate; it has to be special, it has to be chocolate that you buy from an entrusted company which provides the best service for chocolate delivery.

Buying chocolate for delivery means you don’t have to go out to pick and get the chocolate, you could just make your decision at home and order it online. This way, it will be easier to get the chocolate that suits with what you want without having to spend so much of your energy to search it outside.

Our website has a wide variety of chocolate hampers or chocolate gift you could choose with a very easy way to make a purchase. You could even give us a call and customize the chocolate to suit your expectation for the gift you buy!

After the order, just wait for the chocolate to reach the addressed recipient, and then wait for a message from about how surprised they are with your chocolate hamper.

So, are you ready for your order? Don’t hesitate to buy from us to get the best gift for your loved one. You could also buy our chocolate delivery Singapore along with flowers, balloon, or any other sweet gift in a hamper to make the gift even become more special.

Don’t forget to add the little details like a greeting card with your own message on it as a personal touch. Little Flower Hut will make sure that your gift arranged beautifully and sent safely to the front door of the recipient.