Common Gift Items for the Newborn

To welcome little babies in the world, friends and family gather together in a baby shower party and celebrate. They also bring Baby Hamper Singapore to give as gift to the new mom and dad and to the new baby. The Baby Gifts Singapore is always expected in any baby showers. If you are attending one and you are looking for ideal gifts, here are some of the common gift items for the newborn:

Baby clothes – Baby clothes usually include baby booties and mittens and hat or cap. If you are sending or giving your friend or relative or colleagues a baby shower gift Singapore, you have a wide range of choices for baby clothes, whether for a baby girl or a baby boy or unisex.

Baby body hygiene products – The products are for the skin care and body care of the baby. A baby gift set Singapore of body care products may include baby soap, lotion, shampoo, powder, wipes, cologne, and other baby skin care essentials.

Baby diapers – A baby hamper delivery of diapers is not only in one size. Most of the baby diaper hampers include diapers in variety of sizes to match the growing and developing body of the baby for the first few months.

Baby feeding bottles – The feeding set consists of baby bottles, baby dishes, bibs, burp cloths, and spoon and fork. By giving these items as your newborn baby gifts on baby showers, the parents will be able to lessen the expenses on buying them when the baby starts to eat soft to solid foods.

Baby toys – Toys are very appreciated gifts on baby showers because the baby will need a few more from what the parents already have. There are varieties of toys to choose and you may want to give something educational and cuddlesome. The important thing is that they are safe for the baby and they do not contain toxic and harmful chemicals.

Something for mommy – When giving newborn gifts, it is very thoughtful to also include something to pamper the mommy. You may give scented candles to relax her or some skin pampering products. There are gourmets and sweet treats as well so that the mommy will have something to chew on while nursing the baby. With Baby Hamper Singapore that includes these items, this celebration will be more memorable for the mom and dad and for everyone who is present in the celebration.


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