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Proper Etiquette to Sending Condolence Wreath Singapore

It is not always easy to condole and comfort a family who is grieving over the death of a loved one. Words may not be enough to let them know you condole with them. But with the Flower Delivery, sending them proper floral arrangements is expressive enough of the message you want to say. However, sending Condolence Wreath in Singapore requires proper etiquette. Singapore is here to help you.

  1. Where to send the wreath?

Some families prefer to have the funeral wreaths at the funeral home while some prefer to receive one at the cemetery during the interment. Before you send a wreath to say your condolences, ask the family what they want.

  1. What shape of wreath to send?

Funeral and condolence wreath are available in circular, heart, cross, and many more shapes. Heart-shaped wreaths and cross-shaped wreaths usually come from immediate family or closed relatives. If you are not one a family or a relative of the deceased person, a special flower arrangement of funeral wreath in circular shape. Ask our florist for the best designs appropriate for the funeral.

  1. What color and type of flowers to use for the wreaths?

Another proper etiquette to watch out for when sending condolence wreath is the type of flower and color of flower to use. We knows which flower and color is typically acceptable for this kind of arrangement. But if you know the deceased person personally, you may choose to send wreaths of the type of flower he or she liked most.

  1. What traditional belief the family practices when it comes to funeral wreaths?

Based on religion, tradition plays an important significance when accepting funeral wreaths as a message of condolences. The Catholics accept any funeral flowers for the wake at home or at the funeral service, even at the burial ground. The Protestants also accept funeral flowers and wreaths from friends and families. The Buddhist, on the other hand, believes that only white flowers are acceptable or a donation to designated charity instead or in lieu of flowers is more appropriate. For the Jewish, any flower is not appropriate to give on funeral. They would rather have fruit basket as gifts.

In sad moments like this, giving considerations to proper etiquette in sending condolence wreath may be taken for granted. It should not be because the same day Flower Delivery of funeral flowers can be more worthwhile and meaningful if you practiced the right and proper etiquette.