Cool Gifts for Baby Showers

Just as how cool it is to have a new baby in the family, giving cool gifts to the new parents on baby shower party is also cool. Welcoming the new bundle of joy is such an exciting and wonderful occasion. To make the occasion more special, bringing and giving the celebrants the Baby Hamper Singapore as gifts on baby showers is a nice way to express your excitement. The Baby Gifts Singapore will add details to the event, and they may even create a very presentable shower party to the guests or to the parents. Here are some of the cool gifts you can give on baby showers:

  1. Baby Hat in Adorable Cartoon Character

The adorable design of this baby first month gift makes it very cool when the baby wears it. It is not just for fashion and style, but a good item to protect the baby’s head. Its soft and comfortable fabric will also keep the baby in soft cushion and the cute cartoon design will add details to the hat.

  1. Picture Frame and Voice Recorder in one

The picture frame and voice recorder in one item is a cool gift to give as gifts for baby shower. This is perfect for the newborn because it will be useful in taking care of the baby and it can be a great keepsake that the family can use for a long while.

  1. Piggy Bank in Wonderful Design

A piggy bank in cute and wonderful design is a cool gift. Saving coins and bills on a piggy bank is somehow beneficial to the baby. Learning the sense of saving a portion of money for better purpose is an attitude every child should acquire. Include one when you opt to give the baby hamper delivery.

  1. Growth Chart

A growth chart is a cool item in the baby gift set Singapore. The child will be excited to mark the growth chart every year to see how tall he or she has become. You can have a part in the growing years of the child when you give this cool gift as baby shower gift.

  1. Personalized Crocheted Booties

One of the cool gifts you can add on the Baby Shower Gifts is a personalized crocheted pair of baby booties. This will also become useful for some period of time as the baby grows. When you give it, make sure that the color is suitable to the gender of the baby.

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