Different Baby Gift Baskets for Baby Showers

Different baby gift baskets are available in different baby gift stores, department stores, and online shops. If you are attending a baby shower party, bringing the Baby Hamper Singapore or any baby gift basket for the new mom and for the newborn is a great idea. Although you are not required to bring any Baby Gifts Singapore, doing so is like having a part on the celebration. If you are excited as well, to welcome the new baby, here are the different baby gift baskets to choose from:

  1. Mom and Baby Gift Basket

An ideal baby shower gift Singapore is one that has something for the baby and something for the new mom. A Mom and Baby Gift Basket may include some sweet treats for the mommy or some frozen meals and some practical items for the baby.

  1. Organic Baby Gift Basket

A basket filled with organic items is also a practical choice. It may contain organic clothing, organic toys, organic blankets, or other green and natural baby care products including baby soap, lotion, and powder. It is always best to go natural even when giving your baby shower gifts Singapore.

  1. Baby Clothing Basket

A basket filled with baby clothes is also an option for baby basket Singapore. When you choose to give this basket, make sure that it has several pieces fit for the baby for the first 3 months, another set for bigger sizes, and some fit for 12 months. The baby tends to grow bigger faster, which is why they need more clothes in bigger sizes.

  1. Baby Bath Basket

The baby will need baby bath items every day. A basket of these items will be a big help to the new mom. Include sets of baby bath items and some more pieces for replenishment. You may also want to add some towels for the baby as your baby first month gift.

  1. Baby Book Basket

Most parents want their kids to learn more things by reading books. Put together some of the interesting and fun-learning baby books to help parents promote reading. This will be a great baby shower gift basket to give on any baby shower theme.

There are also other baby gifts online for the twins or triplets, and all of them are ideal to create a nice and unique baby shower baskets. It is best to choose the items personally when you give the parents and the newborn the Baby Hamper Singapore.

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