Different Ideas for Baby Gift Set Baskets

Baby showers are special events celebrated to welcome the new baby. With Baby Hamper Singapore, the celebration is even more special and memorable for the parents. The Baby Gifts Singapore during the baby showers are great gifts to shower the baby and the mommy. One of the most received Baby Gift Set are baby baskets. Here are among the best baby baskets for baby showers:

Basket of Cute Outfit

A basket of cute outfit consists of different baby dresses and clothes in stylish design. They are outfits for special occasions or weekend strolls. The outfit could be a set of baby dress, baby shirts, baby shorts or pajamas, baby mittens and booties, and baby hats.

Basket of Baby Bottles

Baby bottles and feeding items are among the baby items to include in this basket. To complete it, add a breast pump for the nursing pump. All these will be useful as the baby grows. There are also sets of feeding bowls and cups to add, which are perfect for the parents to use when feeding the baby later on.

Basket of Baby Toys

Stuff toys, soft rattles, and baby chew toys, and many more are just perfect for a basket of stuff toys. The parents will be surprised to see your gift basket filled with gigantic bears or soft toys in cute designs. Your baby first month gift of these items will surely be adorable for the baby.

Basket of Baby Books

Collections of story books and fairy tales are common books to give as gifts for baby shower. Just as how every parent loves to read books to their baby, the baby also loves to see beautiful and colorful books. They will love the books even more when they grow up.

Basket of Baby Essentials

The baby basket that contains different baby essentials is one of the most preferred baskets to give on baby showers. This is because everyone knows how helpful the items are to the parents. It usually contains baby soap, baby oils, lotion, shampoo, wipes, and many more.

Basket of Baby Diapers

Diapers are among the many things that the baby needs every day. If you are giving this basket or any Baby Hamper Singapore of baby diapers, make sure you have a variety of sizes. The baby grows faster than expected most of the time. It will be helpful to the parents to have extra diapers in bigger size.