Different Types of Baby Basket for Baby Showers

Although the parents do not require the guests to bring any Baby Hamper Singapore and Baby Gifts Singapore when they attend the baby shower party, bringing one is a kind gesture. This will make the celebration more special and memorable for the family and everyone. There are different choices for baby gifts and you can get them from different stores and online shops in the internet. If you want to give the best gifts for baby shower, here are different types of Baby basket that you may want to consider:

  • Basket of baby bath items

The baby bath items are very essential. A baby basket  that contains these items is a great way of adding supplies to the loads the parents already have. These items will be useful for the baby’s daily bath or as replenishment for the supplies.

  • Basket of baby clothes

For your baby first month gift, a basket of baby clothes will do. It should be complete with baby clothes, mittens, booties, hats, socks, and baby cloths. When you give baby clothes, consider the gender of the baby and the size of the baby. It is also great if you will add larger sizes of baby clothes.

  • Basket of baby books

For the mom and dad, a set of books about smart parenting will do. You may also include some educational books and interesting books for the baby to play with as he or she grows. These books are great as baby gift set Singapore.

  • Basket of organic products

From baby clothes to burp cloths to fabric diapers to skin care products, the organic products are safer and better for the little one. The sensitive young skin of the baby needs skin care treatment that is not harmful with toxins. When you give organic baby items as your gifts for baby showers, you are also taking care of the baby as careful as the parents.

  • Basket of gifts for Mommy

Any basket will become more special for the mom if you will add something for her. She will love to be surprised with a small box of gourmet for her or chicken soup for her lunch or dinner when she opens the basket.

There are more ideas and choices for baby baskets as gift. On the celebration, let your Baby Hamper Singapore show you also care for the baby. You can make the excitement and happiness overflow during the celebration as you bring your precious gifts for the precious little one.

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