Different Types of Exotic Flowers

Exotic flowers are the type of flowers that you can send as gift on special occasion like Father’s Day, birthdays, and anniversary. They are also great for the adornment of the house or room. There are certain varieties of exotic flowers that you can send as gift. On Father’s Day, let the florist help you pick the perfect flowers to send.


Anthuriums are also called the Painted Tongue or Flamingo Flower or Tail Flower. They are available in different varieties like pendulous, velvet leaf, and palmate leafed. They are also available in different colors and shades from white to pink to red. The heart shape of this flower makes it a very meaningful flower to give as gift. On Father’s Day, a florist delivery of this flower will surely bring a smile to your father’s face.

Calla Lily

Known also as Trumpet Lily and Arum Lily, Calla Lily means a beautiful flower. It is very elegant in white trumpet-shaped flower but is also available in different colors. You can send your dad this flower in a hand bouquet or flower arrangement or in a pot or dish garden. The florist has an array of design for the Calla Lily on Father’s Day.


Known as the Lobster Claw, this flower is very distinct in its appearance and features. They are used as an object on any landscape or as a unique decorative plant. They are also a perfect flower to send to dad on Father’s Day because of their bright colors and interesting shape.


Lotus is India’s National Flower and is sacred to the Buddhists. Available in white, yellow, and pink colors, this flower is such a beauty perfect for unique flower gifting, even to dads on Father’s Day. The flower shop may not have one always readily available anytime, but on Father’s Day, this flower is one of the main attractions on display.


Fragrantly beautiful, the white or pale yellow flowers of Gardenias are perfect for Father’s Day flower gifting. The lovely appearance and fragrance of this flower makes a very impressive gift for your dad. Potted Gardenias are also ideal for gifting, especially to dads who love plants.

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