Different Types of Flowers for Your Meaningful Bridal Bouquet

The language of flowers is also one of the bases in choosing specific type of flowers for the bridal bouquet. When you plan for the wedding flowers and order flower, you may want to consider the hidden meaning behind the types of flowers you choose for your bridal bouquet. The florist can help you come up with a lovely and meaningful bridal hand bouquet. Here are your perfect choices:

Freesias for Long Lasting Friendship

Your engagement and marriage may have bloomed from a colorful and interesting friendship. Your wedding florist in Singapore can make you a very lovely flower arrangement of Freesias for your bridal bouquet.

Carnations for Sweetness and Romance

Carnations are indeed very romantic and sweet, which is why they are a favorite choice when it comes to bridal bouquets. This type of flower is available in a wide variety of colors, symbolizing love, sweetness, and romance. The wedding florist can make you a fabulous design to complement your wedding dress.

Orchids for Refined, Royal Beauty

For sophistication and majestic beauty, nothing compares the beauty of the Orchids. The online florist has a lot of species and hybrid types of Orchids to offer as you find one that fits your wedding theme. The local flower shop also keeps great selections of this flower to help you see them personal as you choose a type of flower for your bouquet.

Tulips for Unique Declaration of Love and Passion

If you are deeply in-love with your groom, let the bouquet of Tulips declare it in such a meaningful way. The bridal bouquet of Tulips can be arranged using a single shade or you may want to have the bouquet in a mixture of colors. Carrying a bridal bouquet of Tulips on wedding day is such a memorable moment you will never want to forget.

Roses for Deep Love

Love always comes in mind when Roses are around. On your wedding day, you can have the most elegant and fabulous bridal bouquet of Roses to express the deep kind of love you and your loved one share.

Plan the most exciting and special day of wedding with your wedding florist and you can have the best bridal bouquet. Your choices of flowers will make the day extra beautiful and unique. Let the florist help you with beautiful flower on your once-in-a-lifetime wedding day.

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