Different Ways of Sending Fruit Baskets

Celebrate special occasions with a delivery of fresh fruit baskets. The healthy gift basket is a perfect choice to send to anywhere in Singapore. Whether it is for a special occasion or birthday or Mother’s Day or holidays, the florist offers all kinds of assortments of fruits for gifting. When you need to send a fruit basket, you have a choice on how you want it to be delivered. Consider these different ways of sending a festive fruit basket for the celebration:

Send it with flowers

A fruit basket is a great gift on birthdays and it is best to deliver with birthday flowers. They look perfectly attractive together, especially when the hand bouquet is meant for the festive celebrations. There is a wide range of local delivery for fresh fruits, and most of them come with local and seasonal fruits. Seasonal flowers can be added to the baskets as well, for a lovely design.

Send it with varieties of sweets and treats

Aside from fruits, you can also add packs of sweets and treats to the basket. There are varieties of cookies, nuts, and gourmets that pair well with fruits. The florist online also has selections of chocolates, pretzels, and biscuits that can be added to a fruit basket for a more festive and delightful basket of gifts.

Send it within the day

The fruit basket can be sent to anywhere in Singapore on same day flower delivery option. The florist can handle the delivery services through the local florist, assuring you that the selected fruits will arrive still fresh and in good condition within the same day. If you want the basket to arrive in the afternoon, make sure that you place the orders in the morning or before 12 noon.

Send it the next day

The florist also offers next day delivery of the fruit basket. Most of baskets ordered for next day delivery are packaged and shipped by the florist to ensure that the fruits remain fresh and tasty. They assure you that each fruit is selected and arranged in a very organized way for the purpose of attractive presentations and for a beautiful gift to give on the occasion.

The delivery of fresh fruits and flowers, including different sweets and treats, is a gift of delightful and healthful snacks. The recipient will surely enjoy the baskets of fruits and would even share them with everyone in the party.

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