Different Ways to Use Baby’s Breath Flowers

The filler-flower has come to the center stage and is no longer just filler anymore. Baby’s Breath flowers are maximized and made into floral masterpieces. When you wish to send flower to your friends and loved ones on their special days, the bouquets may have this type of flower. The florist also prepares a wide array of floral arrangements using only Baby’s Breath as the main flower. Here are different ways Baby’s Breath is used in floral arrangements:

  1. Garland

Baby’s Breath is the perfect type of flower to be used for garlands as decoration item for any occasions. The flower shop creates beautiful garlands made from Baby’s Breath to add a romantic touch to the venue or to enhance the ambience for a wonderful celebration. Garlands of Baby’s Breath may come in round or heart shape or freestyle.

  1. Pomander

The florist also creates beautiful pomanders made from Baby’s Breath. The pomanders are shaped in different styles and can be a great addition to a party decoration. Pomanders are pretty when hanged or attached to candle sticks and used as table centerpieces. You can even send a florist delivery of Baby’s Breath pomanders to the celebrant.

  1. Headdress

Baby’s Breath can be used as headdress or hair accessories. In fact, this simple flower arrangement is very common during weddings. They are commonly seen on the hair of the bride and bridesmaids, and even on the hair of the flower girls.

  1. Wreaths

The florist online also creates wreaths of Baby’s Breath. The wreaths can be hanged on the door for a festive home decoration on holidays and on special occasions. The wreaths on the door can be a wonderful way to welcome and greet the visitors as they arrive to celebrate the occasion with you.

  1. Monogram

Monograms are perfect for baby showers, graduations, birthdays, and other special days. You can have monograms of Baby’s Breath that spell out the name of the celebrant or the occasion. You can hang them on the wall or place them on top of the table or chairs.

Baby’s Breath is a very versatile type of flower. They can go well with other types of flowers in any bouquets or floral arrangements and they can stand alone as one bunch of flowers for a beautiful flower. The next time you have an occasion to celebrate, you can maximize Baby’s Breath.

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