Flower Delivery: Clever Secrets of Daisy Flower

Daisy is a flower that belongs in the largest family of flower, the Asteraceae, which is composed of around 23,000 species. This is the reason why Daisies are always present in any flower arrangement for Flower Delivery Singapore. In fact, the Florist Singapore observed the sale of Daisies to increase each year. Although this flower is so simple, they are indeed a real beauty and elegance. The flower shop Singapore always has different varieties of Daisies on hand. If you are amazed of the charm of Daisies, here are some of the clever secrets of Daisies worth knowing:

Its Name

Daisy is a word originated form the Anglo Saxon. It is originally Daes Eage which means ‘day’s eyes’.  The words refer to the way this flower closes its petals at night and opens again first thing in the morning.

Its Meaning

There can be many meanings or symbolisms associated to the flower Daisy because there are thousands of species of Daisies. Generally, Daisy means the following:

  • Purity and innocence – White Daisies with yellow or pale centers are used to express purity and innocence. A flower arrangement with these types of Daisies conveys pureness of motive and intentions. If you are trying to express this message through a hand bouquet of Daisies, let the florist in Singapore help you pick the best design.
  • True Love – The flower of Daisy is composed of two flowers blended together. This simply symbolizes harmony of two emotions resulting to one true love.
  • Undying love – Daisies are used to confess undying love. A florist delivery of Daisy flowers is a way of telling how much you love a person. Its simplicity and silence captures the language of love.
  • Secret Keeping – Daisies denote a secret. When someone gives or sends the gift of Daisies, it is like giving a hint to keep a secret hidden.
  • Gesture of Respect – Giving a bouquet of Daisies is a simple way of doing a gesture of respect.

Its Structure

Daisies are a unique flower because they are two flowers in one. The petals and the florets are two different flowers. They are combined together in a special way, creating a beautiful stem of flower. Moreover, both of them won’t look good when separated from each other.

Daisies are not just white petals and yellow florets. They also come in lots of colors. There are yellow, orange, red, purple, crimson, and pink. The Flower Delivery Singapore of the Daisy flowers is a great option for any occasion flower gifting.

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