Flower Delivery: Flowers on Wedding Cars

Flowers are a sure-fire option if you want to pull off an impressive design without breaking the bank. Wedding cars should be as impressive as your event. With Flower Delivery Singapore, you can make that possible. The Florist Singapore has the best ideas for simple yet tasteful wedding car decorations using flowers. Knowing this, you do not really need to look for professional wedding florist because your local florist in Singapore can certainly do the job for you, especially if you are on a tight budget. Here are some wedding car flower designs that you can maximize for your wedding:

  • Flowers by colors

You can mix and match the colors of flowers according to the wedding theme or motif. If you prefer flowers by colors, you can have Roses, Tulips, Dahlias, Gerbera for red flower arrangement. For pink flowers, you may choose Carnations, Roses, Peony, Sweet Pea Tulips, and Stargazers. There are also plenty of white flowers in the flower shop Singapore like Orchids, Jasmine, Tulips, Carnations, Gardenias, and Roses. Another favorite color choice is lavender, and the florist online can give you beautiful flower arrangements for wedding cars using Lilac, Hydrangea, Anemone, Lavender, and Iris.

  • Flowers by season

Another best option for wedding car flowers is the seasonal flowers. During summer, you can choose Sunflowers, Magnolias, Roses, Anthuriums, Lilies, Chrysanthemums, and Carnations for the wedding. For spring weddings, you can have the Gerbera, Sweet Pea, Daffodil, Freesia, Anemone, and Orchids. The Irises, Poinsettias, Tulips, Snowdrops, Camellia, and Euphorbia, are among the flowers perfect for the winter wedding. If you are planning for Fall wedding, ask the online florist Singapore for wedding car flowers using Hydrangea, Pinks, Daisy, Passion, and Clematis.

  • Flowers by meaning

Flowers are used in wedding events as bridal car and wedding car decorations. According to flower meaning, you can have the best arrangement of bouquet for the wedding car. Roses mean love, joy, and beauty while Lilies signify sophistication and elegance. Tulips show undying love and passion while orchids express beauty and love.

There are other flowers with significant meanings, and they are also great for any wedding theme or style. On the contrary, there are also flowers that may not be appropriate for the wedding. It will be smart to always consult the florist in Singapore to make the wedding event more unique and memorable for you and your bride or groom. The right choice of Flower Delivery Singapore for the wedding car design adds a special touch to the special event.

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