Flower Delivery Singapore Different Types of Lilies

One of the most beautiful and recognizable flowers in the world is the Lily flower. A Lily flower is one that grows from bulbs to large blooms. They are a great flower choice for Flower Delivery Singapore for about all kinds of occasions. The Florist Singapore can give you a variety of Lilies because they are available in numerous types.

  • Wild Lily

They are the species Lilies and the pure ones from which the hybrids came from. They are usually hard to grow than the hybrids.

  • Asiatic Hybrids

Asiatic Lilies are the largest and widest in terms of colors and shapes. You can find this type of Lily in any flower shop Singapore in pastels to vibrant colors, except blue. They are among the easiest to take care with and to grow because of the high hybridization process. They are very dominant during fall season but they are not scented flowers. If you want to have light pink Lilies, ask the florist in Singapore for Corsiva.

  • Oriental Lily

Ornamental in blooms, the Oriental Lilies are also popular and a great choice for any occasion florist delivery. The soft colors are accent either with freckles or with stripes on the curled-back petals. One popular example of Oriental Lily is the Stargazer, which is very beautiful in a hand bouquet or in a flower arrangement.

  • Martagon Lily

Martagon Lilies are different because of its downward facing petals. There are also freckles and spots on the petals but they have tall stalks and small blooms.

  • Candidum Lily

Mostly European varieties of Lilies, they are native to the Balkans and found in Greece, Mesopotamia, and Crete. They grow and bloom from late spring season to summer season. They have white and yellow petals that are naturally scented.

  • American Lily

Native to North America, this type of Lilies blooms from May to June or during the summer season when the climate is warm. The most popular breed is the Bellingham hybrids. Among the American Lilies are Tiger Lily, Philadelphia Lily, Canada lily, and Turk’s Cap Lily. The florist online has several of them on hand for seasonal and occasional flower delivery.

  • Longflorum Lily

Also known to many as Easter lily, this fragrant flower of Lily is native to Japan and Taiwan. The white petals are in trumpet-shape and are naturally scented.

  • Aurelian and Trumpet Lily

Black Dragon, Black Magic, Pink Perfection, and Royal Gold are among the famous Aurelian Lilies. They are mostly in trumpet shapes with willowy stems.

  • Interdivisional Hybrid Lily

These Lilies are the results from cross-breeding different varieties together. They are mostly high quality hybrids and are heavily scented, more vivid in colors, and longer in petals and stems.

It is important to know the different types of Lilies to appreciate more the Flower Delivery Singapore of this flower.

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