How Florist Delivery in Singapore Works


Florist delivery is a type of service offered by floristry. In can conducted in various ways one of which is through websites where the customer has the leisure and convenience of choosing through catalogues made my florists online. Florist delivery is sort of an expansion of the florist service that offers convenience to their customers. The delivery is often made by one and delivered to a third party, the recipient or the reason for the gift.

There are many questions surfacing on the internet as to how this works since flowers are products that normally do not last long, and their freshness is the top most priority. So how does a flower arrangement ordered online or ordered locally get delivered fresh and still of high quality?

First, most of these online florists have connections or shops near or within your vicinity. After you order online, they simply must process the order through a local shop or their own shop to ensure the freshness of the flowers. A flower shop may even offer dried flowers, which can last forever and are perfect for long trips or advance orders.

Some categories of types of delivery services

Order Broker

These are usually third-party agents or businesses that post the catalogues and a flower arrangement of local florists. But most florists offer their own websites and offer order brokering services within their vicinity or outside of it.

Local florist

This is probably the best choice as this can be a local flower shop in Singapore that offers same day flower delivery within their geographical location. This type of delivery is often known as “hand delivered” as the customers have the advantage of really knowing who the florist online that would handle the arrangement of a hamper delivery or a hand bouquet and know exactly what is available or not within their locality.

Relay Florist

Florist is much like an order broker, but the difference is that they can do the flower arrangement but are limited to their locality and when it is beyond their reach that is the time they contact a local florist within the locality of their customer and let them make the order and have it delivered.

These are just some of types or services florist delivery offers that one can avail of. There may be different in ways as to how the order was made but the delivery process is basically just the same. May it be birthday flowers or wedding bouquets, florist delivery Singapore will make sure the freshness of the flowers remains the top- priority in every service.

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