How to Grow Baby’s Breath in Your Own Garden?

Are you planning to grow Baby’s Breath flowers in your garden at home? Flower is a great way to greet the celebrant with a special gift of flower. The Florist offers a whole lot of designs for this purpose. But if you want to have a hand bouquet of the flowers of Baby’s Breath at home every time they are in blooming season, planting and growing them in the garden is such a nice idea.

The first step in planting and growing the flower is to prepare the garden. From the space in the yard to the condition of the soil, preparation is an important step if you want your plants and flowers to bloom beautifully. According to the florist in Singapore, the soil should be well draining and with alkaline level of 7.0 pH.

If it is too acidic, you can add lime to the soil to decrease its acid level. Loosen up the soil and add compost or manure to condition it before planting the seeds or transferring the plant from the pot. You can get complete guide in growing this plant from the flower shop. The florist online can help you with your home flower planting.

The next step to planting and growing the Baby’s Breath plant is to place them strategically in the garden. The plant needs full sunlight, thus it is best to plant them on the part where the sun directly shines. This type of flower also grows best when they are close to each other, most probably around 12 inches apart.

If you are transferring the plant from a pot, make sure that the soil is dug deep enough as the depth of the pot and wide enough as twice the width of the pot. After transferring them from the pot to the soil, fill them with more soil and water them generously.

In case you prefer planting them from seeds, the process may take you a long time from germination to growing the plant. It takes ten days for the seed to germinate and sprout with shoots. For the growing process, the plant may take 3 to 4 months to start blossoming.

You can have fresh blooms of Baby’s Breath all throughout the seasons of summer and spring when you have them planted in your garden. You can send your friends and loved ones with florist delivery of fresh flowers, but it is more special if you will give flower from your own garden.


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