List of Ideal Baby Shower Gifts

Everyone wants to give the best baby shower gifts because they know that the baby is the primary person who will benefit from it. However, the choices for the baby shower gifts are too great, making it difficult to choose the right Baby Hamper Singapore or any Baby Gifts Singapore. You can narrow down your choices for the right baby shower gifts Singapore by taking into consideration this list of ideal baby gift items.

  1. Must-have baby essentials

These must-have baby first month gift items include the nursery needs like clothes, baby bottles, diapers, accessories, hygiene and bath kit, and toys.

  • Baby clothes – Baby dress, booties, mittens, frog suits, onesies, sweaters, socks, and soft or fabric shoes.
  • Baby feeding set – Baby feeding bottles in various sizes, nipples, spoon, fork, bowl, bibs, wash cloths, bottle dishwasher, and brush and liquid soap for the bottles.
  • Baby hygiene kit – Cotton, cotton buds, alcohol, diaper rash cream, nail cutter, toothbrush, tongue cleaner
  • Baby bath – Baby soap, shampoo, lotion, towels,
  • Nursery – Baby beddings, pillows, blankets, bed sheets, crib sheets
  • Baby toys – Baby rattles, musical toys, educational toys, stuff toys, dolls
  • Accessories – Clips, pins


  1. Personalize gifts

The list of ideal gifts for baby shower also includes personalized baby gifts. They are perfect for the baby showers because they are unique and special. Making your own gift to give to the parent and baby on baby shower party is priceless. For personalized gifts, any item will do just make sure it has the personal details of the baby such as name, birthdate, or prints of hands and feet.

  • Personalized Picture frames
  • Sonogram frame
  • Towels or blankets with the baby’s name
  • Quilts
  • Pins and buttons with baby’s picture


  1. Baby Furniture

Among the expensive baby hamper delivery and gifts is the baby furniture.

  • Baby crib
  • Baby bed
  • Baby high chair

The market is filled with lots of ideas and items for baby shower gifting. You can even give the baby a starting savings account or an educational plan if you can’t find the perfect gift. The gift of time is also a great and priceless gift anyone can give the baby. More than that, the parents will also appreciate the gift of love, care, and prayers. When you give your precious gifts to the baby and to the family, remember that you are also taking part in the growth of the little one. Choose wisely and smartly when you give the Baby Hamper Singapore and other baby essentials.

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