Little Flower Hut x Cardable Giveaway: Win a Bouquet of Sunflowers (worth S$129.90)

Do you have that special someone in your life you’ll gladly give a perfect 10 anytime? With the popular 10/10 sale is coming right up, we have partnered with Cardable to bring you an exciting giveaway! Be 1 of 2 lucky winners to win a beautiful bouquet of Sunflowers (worth S$129.90) for that perfect one in your life!

The giveaway runs from 24 September to 4 October 2018. Hop over and join the giveaway here now!

Cardable is the faster, smarter way to shop the best out of your credit cards. Instead of having to go to different sources to find promotions for different shops and restaurants, Cardable handpicks more than 2,000 shopping discounts, dining deals, travel offers, online shopping specials like Lazada sales, that you can get with your credit cards and more on one single platform. No credit cards? Cardable also sifts out the best credit cards for you so that you can get matched to the one that suits your lifestyle best.

Looking for a special place to celebrate an anniversary or simply to say thank you to your perfect better half? After checking out the best dining deals on Cardable, don’t forget to pick out a special bouquet delivery from Little Flower Hut!



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