The Meaning of a Bouquet of Roses for Valentine

A bouquet of Roses on Valentine’s Day is the traditional gift mostly chosen to give as gift. When you plan to give a bouquet of Roses on this romantic day to a loved one, it is probably because you think that they are a symbol of romance and love. There is actually a meaning to the flower of any Rose bouquet you want to send on Valentines.

The florist has a great selection of arrangements or designs to choose from. To make flower gifting of a hand bouquet of Roses on this special occasion, here are some of the meanings of bouquets of Roses that you should know:

Meaning of Rose Bouquet Based on Color

  • Red Roses express love, deep emotions, passion, and devotion. There are plenty of red Roses in the flower shop Singapore to cater to the high demands, which makes their prices expensive during the Valentines season.
  • Pink Roses are used to express admiration, sweetness, and gracefulness. When you want to show this message, let the florist in Singapore help you pick the best design.
  • White Roses convey innocence, purity, and beautiful beginning. If you want to show pure love, a classic flower arrangement of white Roses can be your best gift, especially to a soon-to-be bride or to a new found love.
  • Yellow Roses symbolize joy, warm welcome, friendship, and cheerfulness. Unlike other colors of Roses, a yellow Rose does not carry any romantic message or meaning.
  • Orange Roses convey deep passion or intense desire. If you want to tell someone how deeply you admire her, a bouquet of orange Roses for a florist delivery on Valentine’s Day is perfect.
  • Lavender Roses show enchantment, adoration, and fascination. A bouquet of lavender Roses can be used to express love at first sight.
  • Blue Roses on Valentine’s Day may mean to say you are feeling blue for not having her. It shows how much you desire for one thing that you can never attain.

valentine day flower

Meaning of Rose Bouquet Based on Number

  • A single red Rose means to say “I Love You” or “You are the one for me.” One white Rose expresses your pure emotions and intentions while a single pink Rose conveys how much you like her.
  • Two red Roses express your desire to be together forever.
  • Three red Roses say “I Love You” in a romantic way.
  • A dozen of red Roses say “Be mine”.
  • Fifty red Roses in a bouquet say “I am yours.”
  • A hundred red Roses show “My love for you is limitless.”

With these basic meaning of bouquets of Roses, sending your special someone with a special flower delivery on Valentine’s Day will be more meaningful to your loved one.

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