Meaning and Symbolism of Bird of Paradise Flower

Bird of Paradise flower is really unmistakable to have the resemblance of a brightly colored bird. This type of flower is a very stunning flower with a natural spectacular shape and colors. It is a popular choice for Flower Delivery Singapore on special occasions especially for the 9th wedding anniversary. The Florist Singapore has different designs of flower arrangements using this flower. They are most commonly available in flower shop Singapore in bright colors of blue and orange, but they also have some in white color.

Origin of the Flower

This tropical flower is native to South Africa. It is known also as Crane flower with such a distinctive structure, shape, and colors. The giant specie of this flower is the Strelitzia Nicolai, which is one of the largest Birds of Paradise that can grow up to 30 feet high. Being a tropical and wild flower, it is pollinated by birds. The sunbirds feed on its sweet nectar, thus carry the pollen and transfer them to other flowers they feed on next.

Symbolism of the flower

The Bird of Paradise is symbolic to many meanings, and this is because of its exotic beauty and unusual qualities. To the people in South Africa, this flower symbolizes beauty and freedom. When you give a hand bouquet or flower arrangement of this flower as gift to a special person, you are simply expressing adoration of excellent beauty.

A florist delivery of this flower is also a symbol of faithfulness and loyalty. It may not be an ideal choice for birthday flowers, but it ideally given on 9th wedding anniversary because of its significant symbolism.

Colors and Meaning

Each flower of Bird of Paradise features two different contrasting colors. There are sport bright colors and there are muted and pale tones. Each combination means or symbolizes something. The blue and purple colors represent royalty while bright orange and gold symbolize beauty. There are also white colors and lighter shades of this flower available in different parts of the world.

This flower blooms from the month of March up until October. They are a great choice of flower for Flower Delivery Singapore and for wedding flowers, especially to events with exotic theme and style. They are easy to grow as outdoor plant under sunrooms, greenhouses, or sunny warm climate. They can be planted in the yard or garden or in pots. The beauty and rare features of this flower are perfect for about anything beneficial for flowering or for flower gifting.

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