How to Pick the Perfect Flowers for Your Mom

Picking the perfect flower for your mom is just a proof that you really appreciate her and that you want only the best for her. But with so many flower arrangements to choose from and with so many blooming plants available, picking the perfect one can be a real challenge. This Mother’s Day, you can send the perfect Flower Delivery Singapore through the Florist Singapore by considering three factors – traditional, choice of flower, or modern design.

Traditional Flower Arrangements

Is your mom traditional? The best and perfect choice of flower for a traditional mom is Carnation. You can send her a perfectly special hand bouquet of Carnations in traditional color of pink. The flower arrangement that you can send to your mom on Mother’s Day can also be a bunch of Carnations in different colors or a mixed bouquet of spring flowers with Carnations as the main flower.

Carnations are durable, which means that you mom will get to enjoy them for quite a while. Knowing this, you might also want to include in your florist delivery for Mother’s Day a simple but traditional style of flower vase.

Your Mom’s Choice of Flower

Another perfect choice for Mother’s Day flower gift is your mom’s choice of flower. Pick the type of flower that she likes most or her favorite type of flower. If Rose is her favorite flower, you can send her a bouquet made of Roses only. If she likes fragrant flowers, you can send her a bouquet of Freesia, Lavender, Jasmine, and oriental Lilies. The florist in Singapore can also help you customize a design for your mom.

Modern Designs

If your mom prefers modern designs, this is the best time for you to delight her with beautiful modern flower arrangements. The flower shop Singapore has different designs to choose from. You may also choose to send instead a live blooming or flowering plant on Mother’s Day. A potted Gardenia or Yellow Rose can be a perfect choice, as well as Pink Calla Lily. With simple flower care, your mom will surely enjoy nurturing the plant every day at home.

Picking the perfect flowers for your mom for the Mother’s Day flower gifting can be a lot easier if you know what she likes. The Flower Delivery Singapore that you send her is more special and perfect if you will hand it to her with a hug and kiss.

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