Red Rose, What Does It Symbolize?

There is no other flower as classically romantic as the Red Roses. Everyone knew that the perfect way to express emotions and declare true feelings is through a bouquet of Red Roses. When you send a Flower Delivery Singapore of red Roses, what are you really trying to say? Whether on anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day, or other special occasions, there is no mistake in sending a bouquet of red Roses. No doubt the Florist Singapore prepares different designs and arrangements using this type of flower at the flower shop Singapore. Red Rose, what does it really symbolize?

Its’ History

The classic beauty and symbolism of red Roses date back to the early times even before they were brought from China to Europe in the early 1800’s. Cleopatra was known to have used the petals of red roses to cover her bedroom to create such a romantic ambience when she received Antony, her lover. Shakespeare also utilized the beauty and richness of the red roses in the love and romance story of Romeo and Juliet. Since then, red roses became popular and traditionally used to convey romance and love. Symbolizing true love that conquers all, red roses become undeniably the most beautiful flower known to express affection, admiration, and love.

Its’ Meaning

A red Rose has its own distinct meaning, aside from love and passion. When you send a hand bouquet of red Rosebuds, you are simply expressing a kind of youthful, innocent love. A rosebud symbolizes a growing or budding relationship that you want to cherish and nurture. The florist in Singapore can give you a special bouquet of rosebuds for a special person.

A red Rose also symbolizes pure intentions. If you send someone a florist delivery of a single red Rose, you are expressing pure intentions toward her. It also conveys “I love you” in the most serious way without even saying a word.

A red Rose may also express promises of life long devotion or commitment. A simple but beautiful flower arrangement of a single red Rose speaks of a kind of love that will never change even amidst the test of time.

Although red Roses usually come in a dozen pieces and more, even up to a hundred pieces in a bouquet, sending your loved one a Flower Delivery Singapore of a single red Rose can be as effective when it comes to expressing deep love and affections.

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