Simple But Effective Tips for Decorating Your Own Wedding Car

In every wedding event, the most eye-catching vehicle in the venue is the bridal or wedding car. It is the main transportation mode for the bride and her groom. For the decoration purposes, the Flower Delivery Singapore is not just for the wedding hand bouquets and flowers for the decoration of the venue. The flowers from the wedding Florist Singapore are also useful for the decorations of the wedding car. Here’s how you can decorate your own wedding car:

Decorate window

There are many materials that you can use to decorate the wedding car windows. Aside from special flower arrangement or unique floral design, tulles and ribbons are also available in the flower shop Singapore. You can also spray some liquid chalk markers on the windows to let the people know that you just got married. This marker is safe to use on any car windows and they are also easy to wipe away. The florist in Singapore also has several designs of car decals and stickers that are great for windows.

Decorate car hood

The car hood can be decorated with flowers. Most of the wedding florists in Singapore offer special wedding packages that include the flower decoration for the wedding car. They do not only design the wedding flowers but also assist in attaching the flowers and other added accessories to the car hood. There are also ribbons and laces and boards that can be placed on the hood of the car to decorate it for the wedding event. Get some of the useful ideas from the expert and professional florist online for stylish and fashionable wedding car designs.

Decorate car bumper

Most of the flowers for the wedding work perfectly well with the wedding cars. A bouquet of flowers or a pretty bow can be enough to decorate the bumper. You can also combine them both to give your wedding car a nice and pretty design back there. Some wedding florists design the wedding cars with a bouquet of several flowers in different types, and they are inexpensive, too.

These simple but effective tips are also easy to do. You can even customize the design to make it more personalized. For any desired wedding car decorations using flowers, it is best if you will discuss it with the wedding florist so that the flowers will be included in the Flower Delivery Singapore. This will also lessen the expenses on flowers and on delivery charges.

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