Stunning Wildflowers for Bridal Bouquets

The natural beauty and sweet scent of wildflowers make them a unique choice for bridal bouquets. Flower on wedding day allows bride to play with flowers with the help of the Florist. If you are looking for unique and one-of-a-kind design for your bridal bouquet, consider wildflowers and have the most stunning bridal bouquet arranged by your wedding florist in Singapore.

African Daisy

The beautiful blooms of the African Daisy create a lovely bouquet for weddings. The white, orange, and yellow colors of the flowers are sure to match spring or fall style of wedding. The hand bouquet for the bride made from these blooms may also give a bold statement symbolizing happiness, cheerfulness, and bright beginning.

Baby Blue Eyes

The delicate sky blue color of this flower offers a very lovely appeal for a spring-themed bouquet. The wedding florists often choose this bloom to create a flower arrangement to decorate the venue as well, especially the tables, walls, and wedding cars.


Most brides love the enchanting appearance and bell shape of the foxgloves. This flower is available in a variety of colors and hues such as pink, bright pink, soft pink, coral, purple, white, and cream. You can have a florist delivery of the foxgloves combined with stocks, leather fern, lemon, leaf, and ornamental grasses for complete wildflower theme of wedding.


Although Cornflowers are available in different colors, the one in intense blue color is a favorite. Many brides who prefer wildflowers always opt for the blue cornflowers as major bloom or as part of the wedding flowers.

Drummond Phlox

Available in lavender, white, purple, and red colors, the Drummond Phlox flowers bloom all year round. They are also allergy-safe and perfect for the wedding bouquets. They are also great to use for any flower arrangements for the church and reception decoration because they are long lasting and durable.

Iceland Poppies

This type of wildflower is another favorite because it can go well with any kinds of bridal gown. They are so gorgeous and versatile with a modern touch of appearance for any bridal bouquet. Available in a variety of colors, they are a perfect bloom to pair and mix with other flowers.

Talk to your wedding florist for these wildflower choices that you want in your bridal bouquets. The right choice of flower that you have on wedding day will make your big event more special.

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