Tips in Keeping Your Flower Bouquet Fresh Longer

It is a wonderful feeling to give or receive a fresh Flower Bouquet especially from the person you love. The combination of colors, the design of the bouquet, and the beautiful arrangement is such a lovely gift to have. This Flower Delivery Singapore of fresh flowers will still tend to wither and fade. The fresh flowers won’t last long and may end up sooner in the trash. To keep it fresher for a long time will delay its wilting process. Here are some tips from the Florist Singapore on how to keep the flowers fresh:

  1. Transfer the flowers to a clean vase with clean water.

When you transfer the flowers from the hand bouquet to the vase, make sure that the vase is clean, the water is clean, and the vase is not too big or too tight for the flowers. By doing so, you will prevent bacteria from affecting the flowers. Ask the florist online for suggestions on easy flower care.

  1. Trim the flowers.

To trim the flowers, cut the bottom part with sharp knife in slanted or diagonal way. This will help the stems absorb all the needed water and nutrients when the bottom is cut this way. The old leaves and wilted petals should also be trimmed to help the stems concentrate on supplying nutrients to the blooms.

  1. Put the flower vase away from direct sunlight.

Flowers need sunlight but cut flowers wilt away easily under direct sunlight or even direct light. It is best to put them away from the window where direct sunlight goes through and let them stay under shaded area.

  1. Keep fruits away from the flowers.

The online florist Singapore also reminds that fruits should never be put near the flowers at any time. If you plan to use the fresh flowers as table centerpiece, make sure that the fruits are placed far from them. Fruits have ethaline that affect flowers and plants and cause them to decay speedily.

  1. Change water every day.

The freshness and lifespan of the blooms will be prolonged by simply changing the water every day. This will also keep the water bacteria-free. When you change water, make sure that the vase is also clean and that there is no residue of the old water on the vase.

  1. Use special mixture.

The flower shop Singapore has the mixture that you need. You can buy from the florist anytime. In case you can’t go to the flower shop, you can also create the mixture using 4 parts of distilled water combined with 1 part of Sprite and a few drops of bleach. Use this to keep the Flower Delivery Singapore bouquets fresh and long lasting.

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