Tips to Get More Customers into Your Flower Shop

Anyone who has a business wants more customers to shop and avail the products or services they sell. With your professional services of flower delivery and with your quality products, you can be confident that your customers will come back again and again. But if you want to gain more customers, there are simple tips that you can follow and do. For a florist who wants success in florist business, these tips are helpful:

  • Provide attractive and enticing window displays

Invite everyone into your flower shop by putting large and unique flower arrangement and designs on the windows. When you catch the attention of potential customers through these window displays and door floral decorations, you can expect them to come and avail some on their next occasions or celebrations. Give them something that their eyes can feast on to make them excited to stop and visit the shop.

  • Provide special deals weekly or monthly

Let your customers and new customers know that you offer special deals weekly and/or monthly to attract them and entice them to buy from you. Consider giving discounts of same day flower delivery or on birthday flowers. On special occasions and holidays, you can also offer great deals on orders placed a month or two before delivery date. Customers will look forward and watch out for your special offers and refer you to friends and family when you satisfy them with your products and services.

  • Provide interesting events or workshops

The store can be a nice venue for different events and workshops in flower designs. One way to get more customers is to host special events like DIY flower arrangement decorations. Make sure that it will reach them by posting it in your social media pages or by sending them emails or by personally inviting them to come.

There are so many things you can do as a florist to get them to drop by and visit your flower shop. Keep your customers and future customers updated of your events and offers, as well as new sets of designs, through your website or pages online. Let them know that you have new windows design or you have a beautiful offer of deals and discounts or you are holding a workshop about flower care or different topics. The more you get connected with them, the more they will come and visit your shop to avail flower.

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