Types of Diaper Cake Ideas for Different Parents


Everything changes in a person’s life once a baby enters the picture. All of a sudden, you become a parent—your lifestyle, decisions, and everything else must be congruent to the benefit of your child. That includes your child’s happiness. Of course, you want to give everything to your baby, and of course, that includes a wonderful baby shower, complete with a diaper cake set, cute tiny cupcakes, colorful balloons, and all that jazz. Here are a few idea for different kinds of parents.

Simple and Elegant for No-Nonsense Parents

If you, as a parent, feel that a baby shower is a must for your baby but are not particularly fond of planning an event, you can always go for simple themes. You can go for a purity and innocence theme and just use white diapers, white towels, and white ribbons for your diaper set. There, simple and elegant.

Of course, you can always add a few more accents such as lace, glitter, and ribbons. Single-color themes are also easy to achieve. Blue and pink are always favorites in baby showers. You can opt for that or maybe go with your personal favorite. Nay color can turn out beautiful once you’ve added your designs and accents to your diaper cake.

Colorful and Cute for Doting Parents

Parents, especially new ones, who adore their babies tend to be excited and colorful, and that reflects to most things they do, including their baby shower. There is nothing to dislike in a baby shower showcasing the colors of the rainbow or the spectrums of the color wheel. To make things more fun, the process of making colorful diaper set is always enjoyable.

Stylish and Glittery for Modern Parents

As your baby can’t decide for his or her preferred theme yet, you can always go with your own style. If you are working parents who thrive in the corporate world, you can design your party using your preference.

With this baby shower idea, you can go with silver and glitter for your diaper cake set. You can add some silver and gold ribbons as accents and viola—a modern diaper cake for modern parents.

Of course, different parents have different picks for baby showers and diaper cake ideas. However, if you haven’t decided on a theme for your baby shower yet, you can pick the group among the three mentioned above where you can identify with. Anyway, any effort you make for your sweet little teapot is an effort made out of love.

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