Ultimate Guide in Starting Up a Florist in Singapore

Opening a florist business is just like opening any new business. It requires passion, hard work, dedication, and a good knowledge in managing and handling a business. If you want to start up a florist business to provide excellent Flower Delivery Singapore, make sure that you are mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially prepared. According to the professional Florist in Singapore, here are the ultimate guides that you can follow as you open and start up your own florist business:

  • Decide the initial cost of your florist shop.

Although there is a minimal amount to spend for the furnishings of the flower shop Singapore, the initial cost should still be planned and decided upon covering the expenses for the shop, permit for the business, supplies, overhead expenses, and salaries and wages of workers for at least the first six months of operations.

  • Generate an interesting and attractive name for your florist shop.

Generating an interesting name based on your niche or focus will be an advantage to your florist shop. You may consider the flower arrangement and florist delivery that you offer when generating the name for your business.

  • Develop a complete list of designs, arrangements, and services you plan to offer your customers.

Aside from the flower arrangements, flower designs for hand bouquet, another thing to think and decide upon is the flower delivery services. You may offer same day flower delivery and special delivery on specific time, date, or day. List them down and see what you are capable of providing for the satisfaction of the customers. Once you are decided, provide a list on your shop so that your customers will know.

  • Decide with whom and where you plan to get your supplies.

There are many local farmers who can supply you regularly and there are international suppliers who are capable of providing you supplies for special occasions. Get direct access to all of them and make your flower shop flexible enough to provide what your customers need or request.

  • Market your florist shop.

Advertising is one way of marketing your florist shop. You may add inserts to some bridal magazines or local newspapers to advertise your Flower Delivery Singapore to local customers. Another way of marketing the business is by distributing flyers, coupons, or leaflets with promotional offers clearly printed on the materials. There are professional advertisers who can help you with the marketing for an affordable price.