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Singapore's Best Weekly Flower Subscription

Dedicated to creating stunning floral designs as decor with unparalleled style and service.

Enhance the beauty of your environment with Weekly Flower Delivery service to your business, office, or home. Fresh floral designs delivered starting at $70 weekly. Flower Delivery is available Monday through Friday at your convenience. Contact us to set up a complimentary design consultation today.


Fresh Flowers Every Single Day

What’s in it for me?! Besides beautiful flowers sure to draw hoards of admirers!

Client Perks:

• Flowers are bought and designed specifically for each client (that would be you!) and are guaranteed to last for the full work week. Because we are working with natural products sometimes a bloom will fade prematurely- OMG! But not to fret that’s the joy of our service: let us know as soon as you notice the wither and we’ll be in within 24 hours to add a replacement.

• Always receive Free Flower Delivery on ALL extra FLORAL ORDERS throughout Singapore island. Yep, delivery is of course included in your weekly service, but it’s also good for flowers to friends, family members, your baby sitter, or even a treat for yourself at home. All can be done!

How does your weekly flower delivery service work exactly?

You determine your preferred budget and delivery day and we create beautiful and fabulous flowers designed and delivered specifically to suit you on an on-going basis. You pay only for your flowers while containers and other hard-goods are picked up with each new delivery to be reused. You get more saving for your dollars and we all help to eliminate the waste and clutter under the kitchen sink!

Where to Showcase Weekly Flower Arrangement?

Our weekly corporate flower arrangement is the best to display for office reception, hotel lobby, meeting room, entrance, workspace, home and more.

How do I become a client?

Very easy. Order our flowers or other design and you’re in!

Do you have a minimum to order? 

From $50/ Delivery for weekly accounts.

What is your delivery area/fee?

Weekly account deliveries are available throughout Singapore. Weekly account clients always enjoy complimentary delivery.

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