What the Flowers Say to the Receiver?

Who doesn’t like to receive flower? Who can resist a bouquet of beautiful blooms? Almost no one. People love flowers, and flowers even become some kind of traditional gift to give in almost every special occasion in life: birthday, Valentine’s Day, anniversary, graduation, Mother’s Day, even Father’s Day. It is because the action of giving flowers can be very meaningful, expressive, and symbolic.

However, to make your flower gift become meaningful, expressive, and symbolic, you need to know and understand the meaning of flowers itself; you need to give a flower bouquet that can represent your feeling to the receiver the best.

When you want to convey a feeling of love, Roses are your best choice. Rose is popularly known as a symbol of love, especially the red Rose. Red Roses are the perfect choice to tell your love if you have such a deep, and passionate love to him or her.

Red Rose is about true love and passion while pink Rose is softer and can be used to symbolize a secret love. But never give a yellow Rose to your partner since it represents friendship and a new start. But white Rose is still good to symbolize purity and innocence.

A fresh flower bouquet of Carnations is another commonly chosen flower to give. Carnation represents feelings and fascination. When red Carnation is to show your admiration, pink Carnation means unforgettable, and the white Carnation is to represent sweetness and purity.

There are still so many other flowers that carry its own meaning such as Aster that means patience, Daffodils for chivalry, and Sunflower to show happiness. Here we can see that the meaning of each flower is based on the colors too.

Flower bouquet in red color is mostly about love and passion, as well as the strength, courage, and desire. Orange can be used to symbolize passion too, but not as deep as red. Orange also mostly used to convey warmth and enthusiasm. Meanwhile, yellow is to represent friendship, a new beginning, joy, and true happiness. Green is to symbolize good fortune and health, white is always about purity and innocence, and purple means pride, dignity, and achievement.

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