Wonderful Baby Shower Ideas

The perfect way to show the excitement you feel for a friend who is having a new baby is to give or send the Baby Hamper Singapore. Whether you want to pamper the baby with adorable baby items or the parents with useful items for easy parenting, the Baby Gifts Singapore in set or in pieces is just a great idea. The baby gift online shops are filled with different selections of baby gifts. Among the cool Baby Shower Ideas that you can find are the following:

Baby Hampers

A baby hamper delivery on baby shower adds surprise to the event. It will be more surprising for the family, especially the new parents, if they will find the newborn hamper Singapore to have different items inside. You may add a set of organic baby bath collection to the hampers or baby’s first feeding set. A hamper of nursery baby blanket may also do. Choose the items that you think will be useful in nursing the baby.

Baby Basket

A baby basket  is also an ideal choice for baby first month gift. You can add a lot of essential items to the wicker basket designed with colors and accessories that match the theme of the party. There are baskets for baby boy and for baby girl. There are also baskets in neutral colors, just in case the gender of the baby is not yet revealed.

Diaper Cake

A set of diapers arranged beautifully in cake design is also a cool gift to give on baby showers. The gift shops, usually the flower shops, arrange them in cute designs with accessories and colors to match the party. If you are giving a diaper cake, make sure that you include diapers in a variety of sizes because the baby tends to grow bigger each day. It is a big help to the parents to have extra diapers in bigger size just in case their stocks are no longer fit for the baby.

Gift Certificates

If you ran out of ideas or you really do not have time to go out and pick the best gift to give, you can always give gift certificates. Parents will be glad to have some to allow them to buy the items they want for their baby.

Giving gifts on baby shower is a thoughtful gesture and with the Baby Hamper Singapore in cool design, you can even make the occasion or celebration more memorable.

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